Jackie Chan Quotes

Jackie Chan Quotes: The Most Motivational Jackie Chan Quotes for Martial Artists

Jackie Chan is a movie star from Hong Kong who is worth an estimated $400 million. Over the course of his phenomenally successful career, which spans multiple decades, Jackie Chan has become virtually inseparable from the concepts of Kung Fu, martial arts, and action films. In many of his films, Jackie Chan performs his own stunts.

Jackie Chan has a long history in Eastern films, but he has branched out to attract a wider audience by appearing in Western films. He’s also got a great voice and has put out several critically acclaimed albums of his singing. He frequently provided vocals for the films’ main anthems. It makes sense, given the sheer size of the populations in China and other East Asian countries, that he would be one of the most well-known actors in the world.

Jackie Chan Early Life

Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954, in Hong Kong under the name Chan Kong-sang. Chan was given the moniker “Pao-Pao” because he was so hyper and active as a young child that he would roll around the house in a foetal position. He spent his childhood at the French consulate because both of his parents were diplomats. Chan was a first-year primary school dropout. The Chinese government quickly responded by enrolling him in the country’s prestigious Drama Academy. For the first time,

Chan received formal training in acrobatics and martial arts, both of which he quickly became adept at while attending this institution. He learned martial arts from the legendary teacher Yu Jim-yuen. As a top student, he connected with other promising actors and actresses and set his sights on a career in Hollywood. Chan learned Hapkido, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, and Jeet Kune Do, and attained a black belt in all of them during this time. Jackie Chan’s parents were working for the American embassy in Australia in the late ’70s, so the family relocated there. During his time spent working in construction, he became known as “Jackie.”

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Jackie Chan Career

Jackie Chan

Despite his busy schedule, Jackie Chan began acting in films at the little age of five. At age eight, he starred in Big and Little Wong Tin Bar alongside several of his classmates. Soon after appearing in a number of supporting roles, Great Earth Film Company signed Chan. This would serve as a solid foundation for his future success. He was hired by the firm to perform stunts in such classics as Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon, both starring Bruce Lee. As a result, he landed his first leading part in the 1973 film Little Tiger of Canton.

Jackie Chan’s collaboration with Lo Wei, the film’s director, began in 1976. The director saw an opportunity to cash in on Bruce Lee’s fame, so he set out to make Jackie Chan “the new Bruce Lee.” New Fist of Fury bombed because Chan couldn’t imitate Lee’s fighting style.

Jackie Chan Personal Life

Jackie Chan’s private life is interesting to learn about. Jaycee Chan is the name of his son with wife Joan Lin, whom he wed in 1982. Jaycee, their first kid, was born in the year that my husband and I tied the knot. His son is an actor and a musician.

Jackie Chan’s illegitimate daughter Elaine Ng Yi-Lie was raised by a different set of parents than her own. As a result, people started saying some very nasty things about him. Jackie Chan eventually accepted his guilt and said he would cover his daughter and Elaine’s expenses.

Jackie Chan is not only one of the most entertaining human beings, but also a top-tier action hero. Jackie Chan, for instance, is able to converse comfortably in a number of Asian languages in addition to English and Mandarin. Jackie Chan has participated in a wide variety of volunteer activities throughout his career. Forbes lists him as one of the top ten most charitable celebrities alive today.

Jackie Chan’s appeal to kids stems both from his good looks and the success of his film career. In the annals of art history, he has a prominent place. Incredible as it may seem, he has directed more than 150 films.

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Jackie Chan Quotes

  • “I think every young child can learn through any martial art. They would then learn to respect their life, respect their parents, respect their country, and respect the whole world.”
    — Jackie Chan

  • “I hate interviews – but you have to do them.”
    — Jackie Chan

  • “When I look at young kids today I just don’t believe it, parents take away the Gameboy and they’re suicidal. They cannot take the pressure.”
    — Jackie Chan

  • “I make American films for American audiences and Asian films for Asian audiences.”
    — Jackie Chan

  • “When I was a young stunt guy the director would say: “You’re useless…” But I wanted to be the best, I wanted to be a super stunt guy. That’s how I built myself, because of martial arts and everything.”
    — Jackie Chan

  • “When I’m in meetings until 5 am and then have to get up two hours later for filming, sometimes I ask myself ‘why?’”
    — Jackie Chan

  • “I want to build up my philosophy… my philosophy with kung fu is to respect people.”
    — Jackie Chan

  • “Every time I make American films I just trust American directors and American writers.”
    — Jackie Chan

  • “When I was young I trained a lot. I trained my mind, I trained my eyes, trained my thinking, and how to help people. And it trained me how to deal with pressure.”
    — Jackie Chan

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