Erin Hanzon Quotes : What Erin Hanzon Had to Say About Emotion “what If…” Is a Question You Pose

Erin Hanson, a poet, has achieved widespread renown. On June 22, 1995, she entered the world in Brisbane, Australia. Erin is well-known not only as a poet and Instagram star but also as the author of the bestselling book The Poetic Underground.

Often, she will take images of her poetry and publish them on Instagram in a way that is both unique and striking. It’s safe to say that Erin was born and raised in Australia. Les Murray is another famous Australian poet.

Erin Hanzon Early Life

Erin Hanson was born on June 22, 1995, in Australia. She’s pretty famous as a poet. Instagram sensation and published poet best known for her publications in The Poetic Underground series. She regularly updates her Instagram with strikingly beautiful images of her poetry. It has been determined that Erin Hanson’s astrological sign is Cancer.

Her birth and early upbringing took place in the Australian city of Brisbane.

Erin Hanzon Technique


“Open Impressionism,” characterised by loose, gestural brushwork and the application of paint “wet on wet” without waiting for previous layers to dry, is often attributed to Hanson.

Hanson stated in an interview, “I am not trying to re-create an image, I am trying to persuade my audience to open their eyes and see their environment a bit differently.”

In his customary approach, Hanson uses only four or five colours and applies them with few brush strokes. Hanson has claimed that she spends a lot of time getting ready to paint. Hanson stated in an interview that she frequently takes dozens of photographs to use as a reference when she is in the studio.

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Subjects and influences

While Hanson has travelled extensively and now paints scenes from all over the world, she was born and raised in the American West. She frequently visits natural areas, doing things like camping, rock climbing, and photo safaris. According to Hanson, the Mojave Desert in Southern California and Red Rock Canyon in Nevada have been significant sources of creativity for her. The natural world has been cited by Hanson as a source of creativity in her work.

Once a year she takes a trip to the Colorado Plateau, where she goes on a trekking and backpacking trip to places like Zion National Park, Canyon de Chelly, and Monument Valley. She has also painted landscapes of the Anza-Borrego Desert and Joshua Tree National Park. Landscapes are transformed by Hanson into abstract mosaics of colour and texture using an impasto application of paint that gives the paintings a sculptural quality. Hanson has long found beauty in the transition from dusk to dawn, as well as in rocks, which she frequently depicts as abstracted shapes in a kaleidoscopic array of colours.

Erin Hanzon Quotes:-

  •  I once had a mind of quicksand, That dragged ideas into its depths, Inhaling specks of sunlight, Every time I drew a breath, But the world thought me a hazard, When every word I spoke, I meant, So around me, they put caution tape, And filled me with cement. – Author: Erin Hanson
  •  Don’t ever think you’re alone here, We’ve just been trapped in different hells, And people aren’t against you dear, They’re just all for themselves. – Author: Erin Hanson
  •  what if I fall? oh, my darling, but if you fly? – Author: Erin Hanson
  •  Your blindness to my downfall, Has gone too far to be a joke, As I stand ablaze before you, And you tell me you smell smoke. – Author: Erin Hanson
  •  Leibniz thought that if we had a sufficiently logical notation, dispute and confusion would cease, and men would sit together and resolve their disputes by calculation. – Author: Simon Blackburn
  •  Who says paper worlds Are they an escape from what is real? As though the lives trapped in their binding Are not the ones that make you feel. Sometimes our greatest lessons Come from those with ink for skin, Who reach beyond the page To take our hand and pull us in. – Author: Erin Hanson
  • Now, more than ever, human communities depend on a diversity of talents; not on a singular conception of ability. – Author: Ken Robinson
  •  The first man to see an illusion by which men have flourished for centuries surely stands in a lonely place. – Author: Gary Zukav

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