How The Papers Covered The UK's Scorching Heat: 'Earth Sends A Warning'

How The Papers Covered The UK’s Scorching Heat: ‘Earth Sends A Warning’

The most prominent image on Tuesday’s top pages, as the heatwave brought the climate catastrophe into sharper relief, is of a sentry from the Queen’s Guard being offered a drink of water outside Buckingham Palace.

The guardsman wearing his bearskin hat and seeking much-needed relief from the heat, which on Monday reached a high of 38.1C nationally in Santon Downham, Suffolk, and reached 37.4C in west London, is featured on all but a few of the front pages.

There are numerous cautions on the top pages due to the possibility of a hotter day on Tuesday.

  • With a prominent photograph of the sentry from the Irish Guards on the front, THE TELEGRAPH declares: “Record highs, traffic havoc, schools close… and it’s going to get hotter.” The record-breaking heat has confirmed Prince Charles’ claims about the “emergency” of climate change, according to a second piece on the front.


  • The Met Office heatmap of Britain and the heading “Earth sends a warning” make for an eye-catching front page of THE I


  • THE SUN published a close-up photo of an Irish guardsman wearing the fabled headgear who appeared to be perspiring. The main headline reads, “Britain is melting,” with the subheads, “Record 41C ‘to hit today'” and “Runways KO’d by sun.”


  • Johnson is accused of “checking out” as Britain swelters in blistering heat, according to THE GUARDIAN, which has a collage of several photographs from throughout the nation.


  • The subhead “Hottest day today with more to come” appears beneath the headline “Record baker” in THE MIRROR above a photo of beachgoers in sunny North Tyneside.


  • After Liz Truss narrowed the gap with Penny Mordaunt on the most recent leadership ballot, THE TIMES declares that the “Tory race has been blown wide open.” A meteorological report with the headline “Crazy heat slows trains and melts runways” is also included.


  • THE DAILY MAIL also Takes the Lead in The Tory Contest, Reporting that “Mordaunt’s No. 10 Bid Strikes Barriers.” Page’s Heading, “sunny Day Snowflake Britain Had a Meltdown,” Features a Photo of A Guardsman and Directs the Reader to Internal Reporting that Seems to Slant in The Skeptic Direction.


  • THE DAILY EXPRESS Uses the Same Headline, Cleverly Referencing the Weather: “can Truss Dial-up The Heat to Beat Rishi in The Run-Off?”


  • With Temperatures Expected to Reach 41 C in Certain Areas on Tuesday, THE METRO Advises the nation to “get Ready For… the Hottest Day Ever.”


  • The Guardsman Is Featured in THE FINANCIAL TIMES‘ Front-Page Image Story with The Heading “Drop guard: Britain ready for more heat.” The headline reads, “Arm’s London IPO plan on hold as Johnson’s fall spurs chaos,” and it concerns the Cambridge-based tech company Arm.

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