Jordan Peterson Illness: The Mystery of Jordan Peterson’s Disappearance

jordan peterson illness

Dr. Jordan Peterson is hospitalized. His daughter Mikhalia, who is prominent online, just announced he had been abroad for medical treatment.

Our family’s year was difficult “remarked. “Dad’s doctor suggested a benzodiazepine to aid with his anxiety after he had a terrible autoimmune reaction to a meal. He took the doctor’s medications. My mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis in April increased the dosage. Peterson, an ardent critic of political correctness, also suffered from withdrawal symptoms.

Mikhalia Peterson described her father’s “terrible akathisia” as “great, incessant, irresistible restlessness” The Peterson family flew to Russia to treat their daughter’s condition. “Peterson’s secret sauce is to give old-school right-wing cant an intellectual sheen, including the concept that most academics are corrupt and bad and banal self-help patter,” said a Canadian news magazine columnist. Tabatha Southey termed Peterson “the idiot’s genius.” He’s cultish. He’s funny, but not harmless.

Peterson is not a devout Catholic, although he has spoken with Los Angeles’ Auxiliary Bishop Robert E. Barron, noted for his Bible-based teachings Peterson’s illness has been met with mixed reactions due to his critique of “pc” society.

Some people have criticized Jordan Peterson online, with one person saying, “Jordan Peterson is a charlatan, a misogynist, and a grifter who poisoned the minds of young men and opened the door for alt-right neofascism.” Unfortunately, there’s no Hell for him to go to, which is a bummer. Whether you agree with Peterson or find his teaching disrespectful, some of the responses to his illness and near-death are horrifying.

Internet anonymity lets anyone speak anything without fear of retaliation. No one should wish for another’s illness, death, or eternal damnation. What’s next for the web? How can we reduce cybercrime? By following the Golden Rule and being more Christian.

Jordan Peterson Early Life

Peterson was born in Edmonton, Alberta, on June 12, 1962, but spent much of his childhood in the nearby little town of Fairview. In the Peterson family, he was the first of three children born to Walter and Beverley. Beverley and Walter were both educators; Beverley worked as a librarian at the Grande Prairie Regional College Fairview campus, and Walter taught at elementary schools. His great-grandfather from Norway inspired the choice of his middle name, Bernt. Peterson was raised in a tepidly Christian family.

Peterson met Rachel Notley and her family in middle school and quickly became friends with them. Notley is the new leader of the New Democratic Party in Alberta and the province’s 17th premiere. When Peterson was between the ages of 13 and 18, he joined the New Democratic Party (NDP). Peterson had hoped for a left-wing revolution as a youngster when he decided that “religion was for the dumb, weak, and superstitious,” but this dream faded when he met left-wing radicals in college.

Peterson, when he was a young man, was preoccupied with thoughts of a nuclear holocaust and the Cold War.

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Jordan Peterson Career

Peterson worked as an assistant professor and then an associate professor in the psychology department at Harvard University from July 1993 to June 1998, residing in Arlington, Massachusetts. He investigated the relationship between substance misuse and aggressive behavior while a student at Harvard. He had “a propensity to take on any scientific topic, no matter how unusual,” according to an article in The Harvard Crimson.

At Harvard, he shifted his focus from studying alcoholism in families to studying individual differences, and he published widely on both topics. Former student and now professor of psychology at Harvard, Shelley Carson, recalled that Peterson’s lectures had “something akin to a cult following,” saying, “I remember students crying on the last day of class because they wouldn’t get to hear him anymore.” The author Gregg Hurwitz has also credited Peterson as an inspiration of his. Peterson left his associate position at Harvard in July 1998 and is now a full professor at the University of Toronto in his home country of Canada.

How Jordan Peterson Became a Punchbag of Hollywood Know-Nothings

Never mature? If recent chaotic events have taught us anything, it’s that nobody cares what spoilt Hollywood actresses say about politics. If we did, we’d all drive electric cars, Jeremy Corbyn would be UK PM, and Hillary Clinton would be pantsuit president.

The luvvies seem infuriated that commoners are smarter than entertainers. Hollywood throwers refuse to accept another side of the argument and call anyone who doesn’t support the “progressive agenda” evil. Jennifer Lawrence reportedly said she had to “work so hard” to forgive her family for voting Republican. She reportedly described experiencing “recurring nightmares” about Tucker Carlson.

The Hunger Games starlet told Vogue, “I was born and reared a Kentucky Republican until I saw 30 Rock.” Something changed her worldview. 30 Rock was a great comedy, we all agree. Alec Baldwin liked its creative design. Does anyone think hearing Liz Lemon’s remark, “I’m not a crazy lefty, I just think people should drive hybrid cars” will change their political views?

This changed Lawrence’s life dramatically. She appeared proud that a throwaway line in a sitcom had converted her to “the right side of history.”

After her Vogue interview, Lawrence was called a modern-day Joan of Arc for her political activism. She’s bending to the political winds, but that’s not true bravery. You’re cowardly. While it’s easy to poke fun at the annoying ignorance of wealthy rulers who lecture us, there’s a darker aspect to their fixation on being intelligent when they’re not. Olivia Wilde acts and directs.

Just the reports of strife on set and the fact that the film’s protagonist, Florence Pugh, allegedly despises everyone involved have grabbed column inches for Don’t Worry Darling. The tale of How Why Don’t You Worry, Darling? was written is more interesting. In this movie, Chris Pine plays a charming cult leader. Wilde revealed the character’s inspiration in a July podcast hosted by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Jordan Peterson may have inspired him. It’s normal. Wilde remarked, “We based that character on Jordan Peterson, the incel intellectual.” He has a degree in philosophy, has published books, and dresses professionally, in their eyes.

Olivia Wilde is just wrong, making the distinction between her and Jennifer Lawrence’s dumb babblings plain. An old editor informed me as a young journalist that everyone has an opinion. Truth is sacred.

The idea that Peterson is some sort of incel monarch is ludicrous and against his beliefs. To accuse a man of being an incel is ludicrous. They’re not as misogynistic as the trans brigade. Wilde’s opinion of Peterson’s incel condemnation. No. Peterson tells young guys on The Joe Rogan Experience to “Think hard about their own personal shortcomings, not the wickedness of the opposite sex.” He pushes young guys to “better themselves in appealing ways.”

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What Happened to Jordan Peterson?

The news that Peterson had been placed in a medically induced coma for eight days at an unknown clinic in Russia came as something of a shock to his friends and family in early February. Mikayla Peterson, a 28-year-old food blogger, said in a short but dramatic video that she and her father had gone to Russia in early January to seek an alternative treatment for his clonazepam addiction. Peterson’s brand of philosophy emphasizes stoicism, self-reliance, and the power of the will over the situation and environment, all of which are at odds with dependence. In his best-selling self-help book, 12 Rules for Life, he cautioned his readers to “take responsibility for your own life” since “no one gets away with anything, ever.”

Mikhaila claims that he was very close to death during his stay in the hospital. He spent weeks in the ICU and came out unable to communicate and on medication to prevent seizures.

Those in the medical field and the general public were mystified by the news. In Russia, why was Peterson put into a drug-induced coma? Medical professional interviews and a thorough analysis of numerous remarks made by Mikhaila and Peterson on podcasts and social media make it evident that Peterson ended up in Russia following a protracted struggle to wean himself off clonazepam. Indeed, it appears that Peterson, a self-proclaimed man of science, fell prey to the allure of a bogus treatment, with disastrous results.

To tell the story of Peterson’s ordeal, conservative media have relied almost entirely on the story told by Mikhaila, a nutrition “influencer” with no medical credentials who claims to have cured her idiopathic juvenile arthritis, clinical depression, and C. difficile infection by eating nothing but meat, salt, and water. Peterson supported and even adopted the snake oil diet his daughter followed. In July of 2018, at the advice of his daughter, he informed celebrity podcaster Joe Rogan that he had been subsisting on meat, salt, and water for two months. This came after he had spent the previous year eating nearly exclusively steak and salad. Peterson’s continued adherence to the restrictive diet is unknown.

Peterson’s family said in September 2019 that he has checked into a rehabilitation center in upstate New York to deal with his health issues. For anxiety caused by a “severe autoimmune reaction to food,” Mikhaila reports that in 2017, he was prescribed the sedative clonazepam, a benzodiazepine, by his family doctor in Russia. After Peterson’s wife was diagnosed with kidney cancer in April 2019, his doctor allegedly upped his dosage. As the story goes, Peterson didn’t realize he was addicted to clonazepam until the summer of 2019, when he tried to stop taking it cold turkey and experienced excruciating withdrawal symptoms.

Her daughter Mikhaila has always insisted that her father’s issues stem solely from physical needs and not addiction. It can’t be emphasized enough that the two are different. Define dependence as the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms in the event of abrupt cessation of drug use. Addiction is defined as “compulsive usage despite adverse effects” by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Dependence on a drug does not necessarily imply addiction.

The media has speculated that Peterson has an addiction problem without providing any evidence. Peterson’s drug usage would likely spiral out of control if he were addicted, manifesting in behaviors like illegal drug purchases, “doctor shopping,” unwarranted increases in dosage, and legal, interpersonal, and occupational issues. There has been no proof that Peterson exhibited any of the “aberrant behaviors” characteristic of addicts. Again, all we have are reports from his daughter, whose family has a strong financial motive to spin away any idea that the man who built his career indulging in a sort of intellectual Spartan cosplay is hopelessly addicted to a tranquilizer. In fact, Mikhaila has joked about how devastating a diagnosis of addiction would be for her father’s successful self-help business, which encourages its followers to overcome their own weaknesses via hard work and self-denial. After Jordan Peterson checked himself into a U.S. rehab facility, Mikhaila said in a video update, “We decided we should let people know [the facts] before some tabloid finds out and publishes [that] Jordan Peterson,’ self-help expert,’ is on meth or something.”

However, as soon as the news of Peterson’s first time in rehab broke in 2019, discussions began popping up on Peterson-centric forums regarding whether or not his fans should view him negatively because of his benzodiazepine addiction. He needed medicine to dull the sting of reality, full stop. Whatever you choose to label it, it’s still the truth, as Reddit user KingLudwigII put it. Peterson would probably agree that dependency and addiction are medical conditions, not moral failings if you pressed him on the subject. Many of Peterson’s followers, though, are drawn to him because of his masculine image and his story of overcoming adversity. In an interview with RT, the Russian propaganda network targeting at audiences outside of Russia, Mikhaila revealed that Peterson’s health had deteriorated to the point where the family was more worried about him than his cancer-stricken wife by August or September 2019.

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