Italy Moves to Ban ‘Meaty’

Italy Wants to Stop Using the Word “Meaty” on Plant-Based Products!

When season 4 is over, you might be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled for season 5. What we do know is this:

What Do You Stand For?

At the Season 3 conclusion, Joe travelled to Paris in quest of Marienne after murdering Love and fabricating his demise. With the start of Season 4, he has given up on finding his long-lost love and has instead created a new life for himself under a different name.

Joe is shown in part 1 employing the phoney name Jonathan Moore while working as a lecturer. Blood and turmoil always seem to follow him, so this time, someone has their sights set on killing Joe. He seems to be attempting to start afresh. At the big reveal of Part 1, Rhys admits that he is the rich people’s murderer. But part 2’s revelation truly gets things moving in a new direction.

Italy Moves to Ban ‘Meaty’

Joe appears to still be Joe despite all of his inner voice’s protests. He still has his obsession and his tendency to scheme. Rhys is actually Joe’s illusion of his most basic and nasty sides (his id). Rhys isn’t really responsible for those murders; Joe just imposed those characteristics of himself on Rhys. Joe is forced to think about the consequences of his horrible deeds as he faces up against his greatest opponent to date—himself.

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As the season comes to an end, Joe and his companion Kate begin a brand-new life in New York City, and Joe is exonerated of all charges partly because of Kate’s riches and power.

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