The Best 5 Pokemon Go Cheats in 2022

The Best 5 Pokemon Go Cheats in 2022

Pokemon Go by Nintendo invites players to go out into the world and collect a variety of little pocket monsters using their mobile smartphones; nevertheless, the game can get competitive, and these methods can help you remain ahead. We’ve got you covered if you need to capture a Pokemon that isn’t in your geographical region or can’t wait for an event to finish.

Spoof Your Pokemon Go Location

Pokemon Go is a location-based mobile game, which means that some Pokemon may or may not be available depending on your geographical location. As a result of this restriction, some players have turned to location or GPS spoofing, which involves tricking their device into thinking it is somewhere it is not.

Spoofing the Location of Pokemon Go on IOs

  1. On your jailbroken iPhone, launch the Cydia app.
  2. Install iOSRoamingGuide by searching for it.
  3. Open Apple Maps on your iPhone and place the map in the area where you want to fake your GPS.
  4. To add a pin to a location on the map, tap it.
  5. Using Apple Maps to place a pin
  6. Scroll down and click on the Chinese text – the button is in Chinese and cannot be changed.

You are now ready to play Pokemon Go in the place of your choice!

Spoofing Pokemon Go Location on Android Get Fake Gps Go from Google Play.

  1. On your Android device, launch the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to the About phone section and pick it – depending on your phone model, this option may be under the System menu.
  3. Tap the displayed Build number seven times to enter your device into developer mode.
  4. Now, from the menu that opens, click the Developer options option.
  5. Choose Fake GPS Go from the list of mimic location apps.
  6. Finally, launch the Fake GPS Go app and choose the location you want to spoof.

You are now ready to play Pokemon Go in the place of your choice!

The Best 5 Pokemon Go Cheats in 2022

Leaving Pokemon Go Animations Out

You don’t always have time to sit through all of the animations in the Pokemon Go app – after all, you might be catching Pokemon instead of just sitting about. To avoid the raid, catch, and evolution animations in Pokemon Go, follow these steps.

Skip the Catch Animation

  • Tap the Pokemon you want to capture as usual.
  • Swipe from right to left at the bottom of the screen with your other hand — leave your finger in the left corner and do not remove it.
  • Throw the Poke ball as you would ordinarily.
  • As the Poke ball hits the Pokemon, remove your finger from the left corner.
  • Tap the screen to exit the Poke Ball menu, then tap the Run icon in the top-left to finish the capture without having to wait for the catch animation.
  • Check to see if you were able to capture the Pokemon; if not, try again.

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Skip the Raid Animation

  1. For the raid, make an empty squad.
  2. Join the raid in which you want to participate.
  3. Select the previously formed empty team.
  4. Watch for the raid to begin. When it starts, you will be prompted to select your true raid squad, bypassing the standard Raid animation screen.

Ignore the Evolution Animation.

Have no time to wait for the evolution animation to finish? Simply exit and relaunch the game — it’s really that simple. When the evolution animation starts, simply force quit the game and restart it. The process of starting the game is usually far faster than the time it takes for the evolution animation to complete, saving you some time.

The Best 5 Pokemon Go Cheats in 2022

You Can Easily Kick Pokemon out Of Gyms.

It is possible to remove any Pokemon from a Gym if you have a few pals with you. With this cheat aboard, nothing can stop you and your buddies. Just remember that this is a very powerful cheat, so use it with caution and responsibility.

  • Begin your gym battle with two additional pals, for a total of three players.
  • Allow Player 3 to continue competing while both Players 1 and 2 drop out immediately.
  • Join a new gym battle with both Player 1 and Player 2.
  • Allow Player 1 to leave immediately and Player 2 to continue fighting.
  • Allow Player 1 to participate in a fresh gym battle.
  • Allow each player to complete their bouts. Because of the way Pokemon Go handles gym battles, the Pokemon in issue will take a lot more damage, allowing you to kick it out of the gym.

Progression Through Time

Need to get ahead in time to finish a task, or simply can’t wait to get your next raid pass? One method is to manually advance your phone’s date and time in settings. Follow these methods to quickly change the date on your phone and get what you need.

  • Change the time on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Time & Date.
  • On Android, go to Settings > More > Date and Time.

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Track Pokemon Using Online Trackers

Don’t have time to look up the location of a specific Pokemon on the map? Use free web trackers to keep a watch on the surrounding area and learn the status of gyms, raids, and other events.

PokeHuntr is our top pick for such a website, followed by Pokemon Go Map, but you can also locate your own possibilities by using your favorite search engine.

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