You'll Regret Not Knowing These 9 Taco Bell Tricks

You’ll Regret Not Knowing These 9 Taco Bell Tricks

When you crack open your laptop and somehow acquire unauthorized access to Taco Bell’s bizarre Food Development Lab, that’s not a good Taco Bell hack. We don’t want you to be imprisoned because of that! Use these entirely legal Taco Bell hacks instead to spice up your fourth meal with different flavor combinations. You would be mistaken if you believed that these 47 options were the only intriguing Taco Bell menu offerings.

We’ll show you how to make the nachos a thousand times better, how to use the Taco Bell app to your advantage to save money on a number of menu items, and why you don’t need to visit the American chain’s Las Vegas outlet to experience a super-boozy treat.

Use the App, Exploit the Setup, and Get a Great Deal.

The guys from the YouTube Scam School discovered that altering menu items in the Taco Bell app can help you save money. For instance, did you know that a Beefy Fritos burrito can be transformed into a Quesarito? Yes, and the difference is 60 cents. They add up!

Mac Gyver Some Nachos for Brunch.

Taking a cue from Taco Bell’s Snapchat, here’s how to properly prepare for brunch. We’d also advise including a side of their popular hash brown patty. Although it ranks as the 47th best item on the menu, it would go fantastic with these nachos.

1) Place a triple-layer nachos order.
2) Leave out the red sauce
3) Add the cheese mixture.
4) Purchase the tiny skillet bowl.
5) Select the guacamole side.
6) Top the nachos with the contents of the little skillet bowl.
7) Top nachos with guacamole

You'll Regret Not Knowing These 9 Taco Bell Tricks

Create an Overstuffed Potato Soft Taco Here!

Another excellent Taco Bell Snapchat menu trick. A soft taco loaded with potatoes is probably one of the best elements in the TB arsenal. High marks Additionally, it is vegetarian. This is the procedure.

1) Place a spicy potato soft taco order
2) Swap romaine lettuce for plain lettuce.
3) Include Premium Latin Rice
4) Include guacamole.
5) Add the pico de gallo.

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Panini Press + Taco Bell = Genius

Panini pressing your Taco Bell food is a simple method to improve it, as the website 22 Words discovered by looking at GateShowTwitter. ‘s Think of the possibilities if you had a waffle maker!

Get enchanted with the Unicorn Slush Delish spotted this vibrant slush created by combining many Freezes into one cup. Additionally, when you purchase them all at once, you won’t need to pay for individual Mountain Dew Baja Blast or Starburst Strawberry Freezes!

Your Own Damn Icy Sauce

Hot heads were won over by Taco Bell’s spiciness of Lava Sauce. Then it stopped doing it. then temporarily brought it back. You can engineer your own lava flow with the help of this move, which was first observed by our friends at Delish. What you should do is: In addition to ordering a side of nacho cheese, stock up on Fire sauces at the condiment station. Add the nacho cheese to any menu dish after incorporating at least two or three Fire sauces into it. Boom.

Create a Gordita Crunch Using Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch.

Make the Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch into something far more raunchy than nacho cheesy by using the power of ingredient substitution. On Taco Bell‘s Snapchat, there are simple directions for making this one:

1) Order the Cheesy Gordita Crunch Doritos.
2) Change the chicken for beef
3) Replace the Cool Ranch shell with a Nacho Cheese shell.
4) Include bacon

In Your Nachos with Doritos

You can easily substitute Doritos for free in any nacho dish, as Twitter user CorinnLight informed the globe. As a result, the Nachos Bellgrande gets bigger.

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Use the Starburst Freeze to Make a Novel Dessert.

To take TB’s Starburst Strawberry Freeze to a whole ‘nother level, grab a package of strawberries and some ice cream from your kitchen. According to Taco Bell’s Snapchat, follow these steps:

1) Place your Starburst Strawberry Freeze order.
Two scoops of vanilla ice cream should be added.
3) Include chopped strawberries
4) Top with strawberry syrup.

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