Baseboard Cleaning Hacks: How to Quickly Clean Baseboards

How to Quickly Clean Baseboards

You are not alone if baseboard cleaning was never included in your weekly cleaning schedule. Most people rarely pay attention to how filthy their baseboards and other trim is becoming. But if you look closely, you’ll frequently notice dirt, scuffs, and scrapes all over your baseboards. Your once white baseboards may start to seem yellow and dirty due to all that buildup. The good news is that baseboards are easy to maintain and can be cleaned.

Most of us don’t enjoy doing baseboard cleaning or other specialised cleaning tasks, but they can add the ideal finishing touch to your newly cleaned home. Although your baseboards may not always get compliments from your family and visitors, there’s no denying the impact they have on the aesthetic of your house. Your baseboards undoubtedly need a deep clean if it has been a while since you last did so.

You will need the following supplies to clean even the grimiest baseboards:

  • Cleaner of carpets
  • Duster
  • hot water
  • Sponge
  • Hand soap
  • alcohol-based white vinegar
  • Plant-based oil
  • laundry sheets

Here are some helpful baseboard cleaning hints to have in mind before you get started:

Save the baseboards for last when cleaning your house. They won’t have dust and grime building up from above that way. Learn how to clean your walls so they appear as lovely and clean as your baseboards if you truly want to make a statement about your cleaning skills.

Clean your baseboards one room or section at a time to make your cleaning endeavour manageable. Room by room, you’ll be able to track your development, which should inspire you to keep going!

To assist you with cleaning your baseboards, enlist family members. Make a team effort out of this cleaning task by teaching them how to clean baseboards with our helpful guide. Even if you have to use incentives as bribes, the activity might end up being enjoyable for the whole family. Give each member of the family space or room, provide them with their tools, and turn on some cleaning music. The winner is the one who finishes first and performs best!

Cleaning Painted Baseboards

Baseboards and other trim are commonly painted in homes using formulas created specifically to withstand the wear and tear these surfaces endure. Being aware that some trim paint is more resilient and less likely to reveal dirt than others could alter how your baseboards seem. For instance, paints with a glossy finish are more durable than paints with a flat finish, and they also stand out more. No matter what kind of paint was used on your baseboards, cleaning them again is simple but does require regular upkeep.

Step 1

Vacuum the baseboards’ length, the top ledge, and the top of the trim at the floor using a vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. Extra care should be taken in the areas where the trim meets the floor and in corners.

Step 2

It’s time to tackle stains and buildup after all loose debris and dust have been eliminated. Scuffs can be removed by drenching a sponge in warm water and dish soap and beginning to scrape. To remove stains and other filth, you might need to put in a little extra work.

Step 3

A cotton swab is an ideal size for those difficult-to-reach areas. To eliminate dirt, dunk your swab in your cleaner before pushing and twisting it into the corners and other crevices.

Step 4

To get rid of the baseboard cleaning residue, wipe down your baseboards with a clean microfiber cloth wet with warm water.

Step 5

Your baseboards should be cleaned with a fresh dryer sheet. The final step will form a barrier that keeps dust and filth at bay and prolongs the life of your baseboards’ attractive appearance.

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Cleaning Stain Wood Baseboards

Your home has a warm elegance and charm thanks to the stained wood surfaces and trim. To keep the wood’s natural sheen, stained wood baseboards do need some particular maintenance, but don’t just use a commercial cleaner. In your own house, there are secure, affordable alternatives to baseboard cleaning that work just as well.

Step 1

To remove stray dust and grime, vacuum your stained wood baseboards as you would paint ones, and then wipe them down with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Be careful not to leave any fibres behind that the splintered wood might entangle.

Step 2

You should use a different baseboard cleaner on unpainted wood. In a bucket of warm water, combine 1/4 cup of dish soap and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. This mixture makes a great DIY cleaner for several types of wood. Vegetable oil renews and polishes the wood, and the soap is gentle enough to prevent damage. Start scrubbing after dipping your cleaning sponge into the baseboard cleaning solution. To avoid a mess, only apply a small amount of cleaner at once.

Step 3

Due to its ability to fit into tight crevices and absorb moisture and debris, a cotton swab is a fantastic tiny cleaning tool. To eliminate filth, dip a swab into your cleanser, then work the cotton ends into nooks and crannies.

Step 4

To get rid of any cleaning residue, thoroughly rinse your cleaning sponge with hot water, wring it out, and then wipe down your baseboards. In this manner, the soap can be eliminated, leaving the vegetable oil to safeguard the wood.

Step 5

Your stained wood baseboards should be dried with a dry, clean microfiber towel before being cleaned with a dryer sheet. This will assist in fending off dust and filth.

Check out our page on cleaning all types of wood floors if you want to know how to maintain your hardwood floors looking as fantastic as your baseboards.

The Simple Way Is the Best Way to Clean Baseboards

Although that is a cliche, it is true. Using the aforementioned cleaning tips, you can restore your baseboards to good condition and keep them that way with ease. If you use the aforementioned baseboard cleaning techniques and your baseboards still don’t look lovely, it could be time to repaint or re-stain and seal them. Everyone is aware of the transformational power of a fresh coat of paint, but before you put in the effort, research the best trim paint for your baseboards.

Following are five quick techniques to clean moulding, chair rails, baseboards, and other trim:

1. Magic Eraser by Mr Clean

These adaptable and durable cleaning sponges can clean a variety of items around the house, and they could be the simplest way to consistently clean baseboards. All you need is a pail of warm water and a few Magic Erasers. Add dish soap if you’re working with painted baseboards. Add distilled white vinegar if your baseboards are made of stained wood. Clean the baseboards by dipping your eraser into the pail, wringing it out, and then using it.

2. Brushes and Brooms

With a broom, you can easily sweep dust and debris from your baseboards without bending over or squatting. Clean the dust from your baseboards before sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Use a fresh paintbrush to dust baseboards and other trim in finer detail.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

A traditional vacuum cleaner with brush and wand attachments will pick up more dirt and dust, but a handheld vacuum cleaner you can stretch down to your baseboards is practical and quick. Start at the top of the baseboards and work your way down, using the brush attachment on your vacuum. Utilize the wand attachment on your vacuum to reach awkward spaces.

4. Baby Wipes

In addition to being one of the best baby care innovations ever, baby wipes are also a quick and simple way to clean up. Disposable wipes could be a quick and convenient cleaning solution. Although there are more environmentally responsible options, you can use these disposable wipes on baseboards, picture frames, and other things in a pinch.

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5. Dryer Sheets

Fabric softener sheets have a pleasant scent and make cleaning your baseboards of dirt, dust, and pet hair quite simple. They also leave behind a film that repels dust, shielding your baseboards from additional accumulation. Especially if you have pets, this simple baseboard cleaning technique is a fantastic choice for routine cleaning maintenance.

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How To Hack Upon A Boxed Cake Mix Infinitely Better

An argument can be made for boxed cake mixes’ convenience. Anyone can enjoy its dump-and-stir method, whether they are a novice baker, an experienced expert in a hurry, or somewhere in between. While there is nothing wrong with occasionally seeking a little assistance from Betty Crocker, we don’t want anyone to discover that we used a short route. Fortunately, you can deceive anyone into thinking you spent the entire day in the kitchen creating a cake from scratch by using a few basic methods, techniques, and changes.

1. Include More Eggs

If you want to create better desserts out of your baked goods, add one more egg than the recipe calls for. The extra egg gives the batter more fat, which imparts a deeper, moister flavour and gives the batter structure for a more soft cake.

2. Swap out The Oil with Butter.

A neutral oil, like canola or vegetable, is typically called for in boxed cake mixes. Try replacing the oil with melted butter in a 1:1 ratio the next time. Your cake’s flavour will be enhanced by butter, and it will also have a harder, denser texture.

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3. Use Milk or Coffee Instead of Water

A richer, denser cake with a handmade flavour can be achieved by substituting whole milk for water in the recipe (one-to-one). Try substituting hot coffee for the water while making a chocolate cake. The heated liquid will assist the chocolate bloom while the coffee will intensify the flavour. The same is true of brownies from a box.

4. Use a Tonne of Mix-Ins

Add flavour enhancers to your baked goods, such as chocolate chips, sprinkles, chopped nuts, almond or vanilla extract, leftover candies, crumbled cookies, seasonal jams, or even soda, to make them more appealing.

5. Make It Quick

Not properly combining the batter when making boxed cakes is a common error. Whip the cake at medium speed for at least 3 minutes, or until the batter’s consistency and colour have changed, for the best results. Without any flour clumps, it should be thick, creamy, and light in colour. This will ensure that all the ingredients are thoroughly combined to produce a soft cake with a few crumbs.

6. Include Mayo or Sour Cream

You did read that correctly. Your batter will get more moisture and tang by being mixed with sour cream or mayonnaise. Utilize this trick with cornbread, chocolate cake, or sour cream yellow cake.

7. Add the Pudding Mix Immediately.

Try adding a packet of instant pudding mix to your batter the next time you want to disguise the taste of boxed mix. The flavour is enhanced while the cake is kept incredibly soft and moist. Beyond combining vanilla cake mix with vanilla pudding, there are many other flavour combinations. Use butterscotch pudding with chocolate cake mix, lemon pudding with white cake mix, cheesecake pudding with carrot cake mix, or even red velvet pudding with chocolate cake mix. To try out this method, follow this easy recipe.

8. Drizzle Simple Syrup Over Cooled Cake.

To assist seal in moisture, professional bakeries brush cooled cake layers with simple syrup (just water and sugar, cooked until the sugar has dissolved). The flavour-enhancing liquid penetrates into the cake’s cracks and fissures, keeping it moist. If you accidentally overbaked your cake and it came out dry, this approach will still work. Here is a short guide on how the experts do it.

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9. Create Your Own frosting.

To avoid the toxic flavour of canned frosting, make your own buttercream instead. You’ll be astonished at how quickly it comes together and how it transforms your cake. You can make a fluffy, creamy, and delicious frosting that tastes as if it came from a bakery with just four basic ingredients. Use premium butter and pure vanilla essence for optimal results.

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Food Hacks: 20 Clever Tips and Tricks to Save Money

These Clever Food Hacks, Tips, and Tactics Are Guaranteed to Be Helpful if You’re Looking for A Strategy to Reduce the Cost of Your Grocery Bill. Pizza Dough Is Made with Only Two Ingredients and Cheat’s Ice Cream.

We need to do all in our power to reduce our spending because the cost of living is out of control and food costs are still rising. And who doesn’t enjoy a nice meal tip, especially one they had never considered? Perfect if, like us, you’re trying to cook inexpensive meals for your family.

Food blogger Caroline Blight from The Happy Food Kitchen, where she posts quick, inexpensive family meals, says, “Food and gasoline prices are at an all-time high currently and likely to grow further, so it is crucial to take a minute to work out how to drive down those expenses.” “The most effective strategy to save money is to reduce food waste. Food waste is equivalent to financial waste. Some people think using a meal planner is the best way to achieve this, while others like to shop online to avoid making impulsive purchases. For my part, I prefer to look at the deals at the grocery store first before choosing our meals so I can get the greatest deal.

Additionally, Caroline adds, “Having a ‘random’ or ‘use up’ supper each week with all the leftovers may actually be enjoyable – scraps of cheese, the occasional slice of ham, and the last of a bag of oven chips combined with jars of pickles and crackers can be a meal in itself.” Here are the finest culinary hacks to make cooking easier and help you save money on food, including how to turn one dish into another, make simple homemade cheat’s ice cream, and extend the shelf life of a cake.

How to Save Money on Food

1. Prepare the Two-Ingredient Pizza Dough.

I bet you never imagined that leftover yoghurt in the refrigerator’s back might be transformed into a pizza. Greek yoghurt and some self-raising flour from the pantry are all that is required to make pizza dough. Just add some cheese and passata on top (the remaining sauce may be used for spaghetti).

Instead of ordering a ready-made Margherita from Pizza Express at £5.50 from Ocado, you can make your own pizza and save a few pounds in the process.

2. Create Your Own “posh” Beverages

Drinks like iced coffees and bubble teas are all expensive drinks, but Caroline points out that they can be done at home for far less money and are frequently quicker to make than to go out and buy or order in. Instead of boiling the kettle to make a short coffee, just use ice, milk of your choice, and coffee syrup to make true iced coffee (which also saves power!)

I’ve discovered that Camp coffee, vintage chicory, and coffee syrup provide the most genuine flavour. For those who react badly to caffeine, it is also excellent. In Asian stores, you may purchase tapioca pearls for bubble tea to rehydrate and mix into drinks at home.

3. Convert Leftover Tacos Into Quesadillas.

“You might discover that after a Mexican dinner, you still have a few bits and pieces but not enough for a full meal. But if you put them into quesadillas, that little bit of chilli, a couple of guacamole spoons, a handful of shredded cheese, and a few rough jalapenos will go further,” advises Caroline.

The best way to make a soft taco, which is essentially a flat toasted sandwich from Mexico, according to Caroline, is to place the wrap or taco in a dry frying pan, top with cheese and a thin layer of chilli, and cover with another flatbread and cook over low heat until the bottom is browned and the cheese has melted. Then, flip it over and repeat the process on the other side. You can have a delectable lunch by spreading some guacamole over it.

4. Prepare a Meal with Leftover Mash.

That leftover potato from your bangers and mash may not seem like it’s worth saving, but it has a lot of uses. Even if there are only a few spoonfuls of leftover mash, they can be utilised as the foundation for another dish, advises Caroline. Calculating how much mash you need for a dinner can be very challenging.

To prepare fish cakes, white potato mash is ideal when combined with canned tuna or ready-cooked mackerel. If you have leftover sweet potato mash, use it to make savoury or sweet pancakes that are both tasty and packed with vitamins. And while we’re talking about mash, here’s how to consistently make creamy, lump-free mashed potatoes.

5. Lunch Box Treats Batch Baked and Freeze

Pre-Packaged Lunchbox Snacks Are Rather Pricey but Useful. Make a Treat Box in Your Freezer that Is More Affordable and Enjoyable. Prepare Rice Krispie Cakes, Brownies, Flapjacks, Cookies, and Other Baked Goods; Portion when Cold; Then Wrap and Freeze. Take One out And Place It in The Lunch Bag the Previous Evening or Even the Following Morning.

This Way, You Can Give Your Kids Far Healthier Delights Like Oat Cookies and Brownies Baked with Ripe Bananas. It’s Significantly Less Expensive and More Inventive than Buying a Bag of Triple-Loaded Chocolate Brownies from Tesco for £3.35 or Four Graze Oat Square Bites from Sainsbury’s for £2.50 Each. Making Your Own Snacks in Quantity Is Significantly Less Expensive Over Time.

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6. Ice Sandwiches

Avoid Throwing out Bread, Cheese, Ham, or Chicken that May Not Have Much Life Left in It. Have You Seen a Loaf of Bread on Sale but Are Currently out Of Bread? Make Sandwiches Using It that Are Already Prepared. Did You Realise that You Could Freeze Plain Sandwiches? on Buttered Bread, You Can Pre-Make and Freeze Sandwiches with Cheese, Jam, Peanut Butter, Ham, or Chicken. Though You Can’t Add Mayo or Salad, Caroline Notes that Mustard, Chutney, and Pickles All Work Well.

“Before Freezing, Wrap and Label Them, Then Put Them in A Lunchbox the Night Before or Even First Thing in The Morning. the Cheese Variety Can Also Be Heated Directly from The Freezer for Toasting.

7. Double and Freeze Half of The Recipe

Cooking Everything at Once Can Seem Incredibly Time-Consuming and Overwhelming, but It Also Saves on Fuel, Which Makes It a Wonderful Way to Save Money. Make It Simpler by Developing the Practise of Simply Cooking Twice as Much as You Need, Which Typically Doesn’t Require Spending a Lot More Time Slicing,” Advises Caroline.

“foods Like Bolognese, Stews, Curries, and Pies Freeze Incredibly Well, so Just Follow the Rule of “eat One, Freeze One” and You’ll Soon Have a Tonne of Options in Your Freezer. Additionally, You May Simply Browse Your Freezer on Busy Days Rather than Ordering Takeout or Purchasing a Ready-To-Eat Meal. or You Could Just Have the Extra Meal with Different Sides the Next Day to Mix It Up.

8. Always Put Food in The Oven.

Never Use Your Oven with Just One Thing in It; Always Have Food Ready for It. Therefore, if You’re Using Two or Three Shelves to Prepare Dinner, You Might as Well Make a Pan of Flapjacks or Roast Some Vegetables for Tomorrow. by Using All the Capacity to Prepare Food for Multiple Meals, You Use Your Oven Less Frequently and Save Money on Fuel, Advises Caroline.

9. Peeler a Potato and Grate the Chocolate

Make Much More of That Chocolate in The Refrigerator than Just Devouring It Whole (a Tough Ask, We Know). a Clever Little Trick for Curling Chocolate Is to Grate It with A Potato Peeler. You Can Then Use the Curled Chocolate to Make Milkshakes, Bake Goods, Decorate Cakes, and Other Delicious Goodies.

10. Use a Spoon to Peel the Ginger

Are You Accountable for Cutting Off the Ginger and Losing Half of The Rind? the Next Time You Add Ginger to Your Curry, Peel It Using a Spoon Instead of A Knife for More Ginger for Less Money and Less Waste. a Favourite Food Trick of Ours.

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11. Create Your Own Buttermilk

You Are No Longer Have to Get Buttermilk from The Grocery Store Each Time You Bake. This Clever Trick Demonstrates How Easy It Is to Create Buttermilk at Home. All You Need Is Milk and Lemon Juice, and This Is a Terrific Way to Use Them Both up Before They Expire without Wasting Anything.

12. Use Real Chocolate to Make Hot Chocolate.

The Actual Thing Is Far Tastier than Cocoa Powder, so There Is No Need to Spend Your Hard-Earned Money on It. You Can Make Your Favourite Chocolate Bar Into a Warm, Decadent Hot Chocolate at A Fraction of The Cost of What You’d Pay in A Café (it Costs £3.45 per Serving at Costa Coffee, Which May Add up Quickly if It Becomes a Regular Habit).

Use a Flavor-Infused Syrup (which Lasts for A Very Long Time) and Squirty Cream on Your Hot Chocolate Before Topping with A Biscuit for A Deluxe Treat that Will Cost About a Fifth of What One Would Cost in A Takeaway, Advises Caroline.

13. Make Cheat’s Ice Cream

Next on Our List of Food Hacks. by Preparing Your Own Easy Ice Cream Pops, You Can Avoid Spending Money on Freezer Stashes of Candies and All Those Excursions to The Ice Cream Truck. You only Need Greek Yoghurt, a Bag of Maltesers, and A Drizzle of Honey, and The Kids Can Help Make Them (and Eat Them, Obviously).

Change the Maltesers with Fruit if You Prefer a Healthy Alternative. It’s Quite a Savings when You Consider that A Pack of Three Costs £2.75 at Morrisons and Is Even More Expensive from The Corner Store or Cafe.

14. Make Cookies and Milk Snow Cubes

Give Your Kids the Summertime Equivalent of Warm Milk and Cookies Before Bed Instead of Using up The Milk Before It Expires. Additionally, They Are Ideal for Adding to Milkshakes to Keep Them Chilly without Diluting Them as Would Happen with Ice Cubes. Little Genius Cubes.

15. Make Ice Cubes out Of Frozen Fruit

This Easy Food Trick Ensures that None of Your Fruit Goes to Waste by Turning It Into Ice Cubes. Perfect for Keeping Beverages Cool without Diluting Them; Utilising Grapes for Wine Is Especially Advantageous Because No One Wants Their Wine to Be Diluted. Not Us. in The Summer, Serve as A Snack for The Youngsters as Well.

16. Quickly Ripen Your Fruit

Did You Know that Baking May Ripen Bananas? It’s Quick, Easy, and A Terrific Technique to Hasten the Ripening Process without Changing the Flavour of Your Bananas. Place Them on A Baking Sheet and Bake Them at A Low Temperature While Keeping an Eye on Them as They Slowly Become Browned.

Place One Avocado You’ve Purchased that Needs a Little Help Ripening in A Paper Bag and Leave It for A Day or Two at Room Temperature. Include an Apple in The Bag as Well to Hasten the Process Even More.

On the Other Hand, Once Your Fruit Is Overripe, There’s No Reason to Throw It Away. Despite Their Hideous Appearance, Caroline Claims that Black Bananas Have the Best Flavour. Try Banana Pancakes if You Don’t Like Banana Bread, or Freeze the Banana Before Combining It with Cocoa Powder and A Little Milk to Make a Delightful, Guilt-Free Chocolate Ice Cream. or Combine with Some Water and Berries and Other Fruits to Make a Cold, Thick Smoothie.

17. Stop Sugar Lumping

You’re Aware of How Everything Congeals in The Bowl and Suspect a New Bag Should Be Used Instead. There Isn’t. Add a Slice of Bread to The Container as A Clever Solution to Prevent This from Happening. the Sugar’s Moisture Will Be Absorbed by This, Preventing It from Adhering Together.

Alternately, You Can Add Some Orange Peel to A Container of Brown Sugar to Keep It Soft. Alternately, You Can Dissolve a Little Amount of Brown Sugar in Water in A Microwave, Which Can Assist Break up The Block.

18. Grate Soft Cheese to Ensure Progress

Sure, We’ve Been Doing This with Our Cheddar for Ages, but We Bet You’ve Never Considered Doing It with Semi-Soft Cheeses Like Fresh Mozzarella and Fontina. the Best Advice for Doing This Is to First Freeze It for Around 30 Minutes. in Addition to Going Much Further on Your Pizza Topping by Merely Breaking It up Into Chunks, This Hardens It Up And Makes It Easier to Grate. This Saves You from Having to Buy It Again at Your Subsequent Grocery Store. One of Our Best Culinary Tricks.

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19. Derivative Honey

When Honey Crystallises, how Many Jars Have You Already Lost? Currently Not. You Can Revive Your Favourite Toast or Cereal Topping so It Will Appears on Your Breakfast Table the Next Morning. How? by Submerging the Container for Ten Minutes in A Bowl of Boiling Water.

20. Retain Cake Fresh for Days

Bitten Into a Cake but Didn’t Consume It All? That’s Wonderful News for Everyone, Not Just Your Dentist. Stopping It from Drying out Will Allow You to Save It for Another Day. how Do I Inquire? by Using Toothpicks to Hold a Slice of Bread to The Exposed Areas. You see, the Bread Traps the Moisture of The Cake. It’s a Terrific Trick for Preventing Food Waste, and You Can Continue to Consume Moist Cake Days After It’s Been Made or Opened.

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5 Life Hacks for Athletic Clothing: How To Make the Most of It!

Consignment queen would be an understatement. The scout for thrift stores. If the shoes are cool enough, I don’t mind wearing someone else’s old ones. I will gladly buy a $2 jacket, chop off the sleeves, and turn it into the vest of my dreams. Going out and looking for new stuff is one of my favourite pastimes. I’d prefer to make it unique.

Generally speaking, it is not wise to purchase used athletic clothing because it frequently falls apart, especially if it is tight-fitting. No matter how many times you shampoo, there will always be that unpleasant smell when wearing sweaty stretch pants. Finding the appropriate clothing for all of my recreational endeavours may be challenging, especially if you’re a cross-trainer on a tight budget.

It’s a Life Hack.

As the years have gone by, I’ve cut legs, envisioned new arms, stitched stragglers, rocked hand-me-down garments, turned them inside-out and upside-down, and generally thought about ways to reuse once-expensive training gear.

Running and biking are my go-to activities, so I tend to overestimate their hackability. I do think that some of these concepts (or a general mindset) may be applied to a variety of physical activities, though. Several of my favourites are:

The Hand-Me-Over

My husband enjoys riding his bicycle. Friends who can afford it more go. I’ve discovered that when I give away clothing and supplies to people in need, karma seems to reciprocate in like. Even while I have other ideas for their menswear x-smalls or “it’s too tight in the stomach” tank tops, I am frequently an eager and grateful recipient of theirs. I’ll handle these with respect and make a decision about what to do with them later.

In order to make a raggedy-cool tank top with all the pockets I need but none of the armbands or farmer tan lines that go with them, I’ve been known to cut the sleeves off old cycling jerseys. My experience is that even a “larger” men’s jersey drapes better this way. If the shoulder opening shows too much skin, I use a sports bra in a bright colour or a thin tank underneath.

The Tweener Knee-High.

My husband enjoys riding his bicycle. The friends who have more money to spare usually take the initiative. I’ve discovered that when I give away clothing and supplies to people in need, karma seems to reciprocate in like. I frequently receive x-small menswear goods, tank tops that are “too tight in the tummy,” outdated layers that I wish to use for something different, and other stuff with a smile from others.

These things deserve respect, and I’ll make a decision about their ultimate fate later. Cut the sleeves off old cycle jerseys and create a vintage tank top with all the necessary pockets to avoid armband restrictions and unsightly farmer’s tan lines.

I really like the fit of a “larger” men’s jersey better when worn in this manner. I’ll put on a bright sports bra or a thin tank top underneath if the opening at the shoulder makes me feel exposed.

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The Cutting Table

Nothing like a good pair of scissors for recycling beaten-down sporting gear. I mean that in full seriousness. When the former owner of our home passed away, they also left behind a set of sharpened sewing scissors.

I use the Mack-daddy of dicers to turn old jeans into everything from headbands to sweat cloths for outdoor sports. I recently found my 15-year-old Lucy’s yoga pants buried among a collection of other black pants. They are pricey and made of great elastic fabric, but they never quite fit completely.

They probed the outdoor equipment cupboard farther and farther. Recently, in a rush of excitement, I envisioned them again. I had been seeking a pair of above-the-knee mountain bike shorts with a straight leg to use over my old padded liners. I then put the spandex I no longer wanted to wear on top of the flare-leg pants I had previously cut off, and presto! Free of charge, a well-fitting garment was produced.

The Scrap Bin

I enjoy digging through racks of vintage garments to find helpful fabric scraps. I search the leftovers section of the fabric store when I go there in search of some vivid, colourful stretchy materials. If not, I’ll go to the athletic fabric area and see if there are any reduced bolts of fabric there.

To create a customised “buff” (you know, those multifunctional headbands/neck gaiters/sweat stoppers they sell for $20), buy a fourth of a yard of your favourite fabric. The sexy ladies will respect you.

Cut a flexible fabric that won’t fray when you trim it into a long, broad rectangle that tapers towards the end for easy tying (most stretchy varieties comply). These come in a variety of colours and designs. I now have ten buffs instead of just one, which I had to remember to wash.

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The Multiple Uses

One of the things that fuels my repurposing frenzy is my dislike of doing laundry. I’d rather have a variety of multifunctional items rather than worry about if my favourite $90 Lululemon leggings are in the trash (yes, I buy the Kool-Aid every few years).

I can put together options and layers for a bike ride, run, swim, or snowboarding experience in a variety of Colorado weather situations. Even when I get to wear my preferred buttery-soft clothing, it feels better and lasts longer because of the special occasion. Here are a handful of my most recent efforts that involved repurposing:

I had to replace my treasured swim goggles since they lose their seal when they are crammed inside my workout bag. wearing a fully covered, well-padded Prana bathing suit top while doing hot yoga.

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10 Life-Saving Tips for A Day at The Beach: Amazing Beach Hacks for Your Safety!

Do you and your family have beach vacation plans? Consider putting some of these brilliant suggestions into practice the next time you want to have a fantastic day at the beach.

the coast. Others associate the beach with enjoyment, serenity, and relaxation as a break from the pressures of work and family life.

Some people are terrified of going to the beach because they don’t know what to carry or what safety measures to take (And The Sand That Will Inevitability Get EVERYWHERE).

Regardless of the type of child you have, everyone enjoys visiting the beach. When it comes to maximizing your time on the sand, there is no such thing as having too many beach hacks.

We’ve done the homework for you so you can start your vacation sooner.

The Top 10 Life Tips for A Day at The Beach

1. Store Your Phone in A Safe Location.

Keep your phone and keys in plastic bags when you’re at the beach. There is no way for sand or surf to enter, but if they do, they are simple to grab. Brilliant! Although plastic bags with zip-tops can also be used, I prefer this approach because it is safer. Whatever choice you make, it won’t be difficult to pack for the beach.

2. Prepare Lemonade Cups

Keep the kids hydrated with delicious alcohol-free alternatives while the adults are kept hydrated with spiked lemonade pouches. These are delicious and convenient to eat on the move!

3. Make Your Water Bottles Freezer

Freeze your water bottles to keep your meals chilled instead of bringing ice packs. Don’t worry about ruining your snacks, and keep your water ice-cold for hours.

There will be less to store and less to pack!

4. Construct Aloe Vera Ice Cubes.


If it occurs, be sure to use sun protection! Create frozen aloe vera ice cubes. Sunscreen is great, but it seems like a little bit of pinkness usually follows someone back from the beach. These cubes can be useful. The aloe vera can be frozen until needed by simply placing it in an ice cube tray. But more importantly, avoid this by consistently reapplying sunscreen (using the method indicated above)!

5. Be Sand-Resistant

A beach wouldn’t exist without sand, right? Sand is a problem for us. After a trip to the beach, I’ll find sand all over my house for days.

If you apply baby powder to your sandy, moist skin, the sand will slide off. We tested it, and it performs flawlessly!

6. Repair a Broken Flip-Flop with A Bread Clip.

The Strap that Holds Your Toes in Place in Flip-Flops Has a Tendency to Break Easily. Take a Bread Clip and Secure It To The Strap Underneath the Hole in The Sole to Prevent Yourself from Flip-Flopping on The Beach Until You Can Get to The Neighbourhood Beachwear Shop.

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7. A Children’s Pool

Children May Find It Challenging to Enjoy the Beach if The Waves Are Too Choppy. the Solution Is to Bring a Kiddie Pool to The Beach, Which May Seem Odd. Inflate It, Then Fill It with Ocean Water to Make a Kid-Friendly Pool! the Young Ones Are Also Kept Close By.

Here Are a Few Substitutes if You Don’t Have a Kiddie Pool. Dig a Hole and Fill It with Material After Getting a Shovel and A Shower Curtain Liner.

To Purchase One, Click This.

8. Water Is Required for Umbrellas.


Brittleness Characterises Dried-Out Sand. Because of This, Putting Your Umbrella in The Sand Causes It to Collapse. Like the Pros when They Are Making Sandcastles, Fill the Hole with A 50/50 Mixture of Water and Sand. the Water Compresses the Sand, Making It Stronger as A Result.

9. Be Secure

One of The Most Crucial Elements of Any Beach Day Is Keeping an Eye on Your Treasures, Whether They Be Family Members or Personal Items. Avoid Keeping Unnecessary Items in Your Car or House, but It’s Always a Good Idea to Have a Few Necessities on Hand.

An Empty Container Can Be Used to Conceal Jewellery, Cash, and Id Cards. Online, a Container for Suntan Lotion Has Been Suggested, but I’ve Never Seen One With An Aperture Big Enough to Fit Anything. I Would Like a Deodorant that Is Empty. Your Baby or Toddler’s Diapers Can Be a Cause for Concern. Keep Your Valuables Secure by Wrapping and Concealing Them Within Diapers. Just Don’t Discard It!

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10. Blow up A Balloon if Swimming Has Left Your Ears Blocked.

“Really, It’s that Simple. to Re-Inflate a Balloon After Each Plunge, Keep One on Hand at All Times. if Your Ears Are Still Ringing, Cover Your Nose While Blowing up The Balloon.

We Genuinely Hope that These Beach Day Suggestions Will Make Your Upcoming Family Excursion More Fun and Less Stressful. Have we overlooked any excellent beach hacks? Tell us what you believe!

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A Life Hack: How Good Cables Make Fast Charging Possible

Did you realize that simply using one of our fast chargers with your ordinary cord isn’t always enough? Good cables make all the difference, and you need to be sure you’re utilizing a cable that’s up to scratch. Read on for our guide to how you can boost the pace of your charging!

What Is Fast Charging?

More power is provided by a fast charger than by a standard charger. As a result, it takes less time for your battery to charge completely. With an 18W charger, you can charge your device completely in half the time it takes with a 12W charger. Your battery is charged more slowly as it fills up in order to safeguard it from harm. That implies that quick charging starts off at its fastest and then slows down. Fast chargers are thus best suited for swiftly topping off your dead battery.

We’re planning to publish a thorough blog about this soon — for now, this video is a great one:

Does Your Cable Really Affect how Fast Your Phone Charges?

With the exception of color and size, cables tend to look the same. Yes, one might be lightning and yes, one might be USB, but otherwise, there isn’t much difference. Right?

Wrong. And it’s all for a wonderful cause — it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

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Why Does Good Charging Connections Matter for Rapid Charging?

There are four wires within your USB charging cables, including data wires and charging wires. How much power your cable carries is controlled by the size of one of these charging cables; a typical cable is 28/28 gauge, but good cables for quick charging have 28/24 gauge.

The regular wires only transport roughly 5A, whereas rapid charging cables can handle up to 2A. This is because although while 24 seems a lower number than 28, they’re actually 60 percent greater.

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Life Hack Note: Cable Size Counts!

Unfortunately so, especially when partnering with a purpose-built fast charger.

It’s a really straightforward idea. Bigger cables carry more current and therefore can deliver more electricity to your phone in the same period of time. This implies it will charge faster.

How Can I Check Whether I Have a Fast Charging Cable?

There are a few ways of doing this, including downloading an app. One simple test is – are you still using the cable that came with your phone? If so, and your phone didn’t come equipped with a fast PD GaN charger (or you’re using a cable from an earlier phone, shock horror), then you might want to alter things up.

If you aren’t sure and want to cover all bases, you may get fresh, sturdy, and quick charging-ready lightning cables and USB-C cables from RAVPower! If you want to know more about the quick charging range.

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A List of The Top 10 Android Hacks & Tricks You Should Know

Currently, Android is the most widely used and flexible smartphone operating system, which is further demonstrated by the fact that it accounts for over 86 percent of market sales. The fundamental justification for this aggressive strategy is that it is open source, adaptable, and extremely customizable. Additionally, the fact that thousands of developers have created numerous applications for the same thing is like the cherry on top.

Now that you’re an Android user, you might want to investigate the countless options for making the most of your Android device. In keeping with this, we have compiled a list of the top Android tips and techniques you need to be aware of right away. These tips and tactics will improve your intelligence while also altering how you use your smartphone.

Best Android Hacks & Tricks List

1. Without rooting your Android phone, install Linux Linux Noroot

You might be astonished to learn that you can actually use your Android phone to launch the Linux desktop and command prompt. Although installing Linux on Android has always been difficult and frequently required root access, there is a way to do it in this article without root access or any specialized knowledge or abilities.

You may install the Linux distribution Debian on your Android phone using the Debian Noroot app to complete a few practical tasks. It is essentially a Linux-based operating system that enables users to download and utilize LibreOffice, GIMP, and other open source applications through APT (Advanced Package Tool).

To accomplish this, all you need to do is download the Debian Noroot app from the Play Store, open it like any other program, and let it download the entire package for thorough installation. You will be greeted by a mouse-friendly desktop interface once it has fully loaded, where you can download and install particular programs or games exactly like on any other Linux version. Nevertheless, if you get tired of using your Android, there are countless choices to be discovered.

2. Use Your Camera and Led Flash to Monitor Your Heart Rate.

Yes, you may check your pulse rate without using a fitness tracker or other equipment with a built-in heart rate monitor. It can initially seem like a gimmick or joke to you, but it truly functions to some extent.

There are several apps available right now that allow you to monitor your pulse rate. The ones that really function call for you to place your finger on the LED flash after which the app utilizes the camera to track color changes under your skin to track how much blood is flowing through.

Expect little accuracy because this is software-dependent; additionally, check that your phone’s LED flash doesn’t stand too far from the camera. For optimum results, utilize a quality application like the Instant Heart Rate app that we used here.

3. Use System Ui Tuner to Modify the Status Bar.

You no longer need to rely on third-party apps if you’re tired of your existing status bar or want to add and remove particular options.

Simply hold down the settings gear located in the Notification toggle menu to activate the “System UI Tuner,” a hidden settings menu. When you follow the same procedure, the gear symbol will begin to rotate and a toast notification will appear to signify that the System UI tuner has been enabled.

You may now define the icons you want to see in the status bar, such as indicators for orientation, networks, headphones (this ain’t enabled by default on some phones), etc., by using the System UI tuner menu in the settings app. Additional options for Do Not Disturb mode, notifications, and Always On Display can be adjusted (if supported).

However, earlier Android versions and smartphones with custom user interfaces like EMUI/MIUI could not have this hidden setting.

4. Monitor Your Android Mobile Device

Ever misplaced a phone? If so, you might have had a terrible experience similar to mine when I misplaced my phone at the restaurant. We occasionally lose our phones, and the worst thing is that if we had them on mute, the only method to recover them was by utilizing Google’s Find My Phone app.

The best feature of Android is that Find My Device is switched on by default if a Google Account has been added to the device. Therefore, simply visit in any browser and log in using the same Google account every time you misplace your handset. If your lost device has access to the internet and location is turned on, you can now view the location of your device and further wipe all the data, lock it down with a message, or make it ring loudly (even if it’s in silent mode).

5. View the Notifications You Deleted

Have you ever quickly deleted all of your alerts without fully reading them? Yes, I am aware that this frequently occurs, and when you later realize that you may have overlooked something crucial, perhaps a notification from an app you are unaware of, will you waste your time opening each program to check your notifications again? We do, however, have a remedy for it as well.

On your home screen, simply long press and hold to activate the screen-adjusting mode. To find the Settings shortcut widget, which should resemble a simple settings gear, tap on widgets now. Drag it to a location on your home screen, and a popup list of useful shortcuts, including accessibility, app information, battery, devices, battery, memory, etc., will appear. Simply conduct a search for and choose the “notification log” option.

Then, using the shortcut, you can access all of your prior notifications from all of your installed apps in order of appearance time.

Pro Tip: You can even view WhatsApp messages that have been erased by the sender using the Delete for Everyone option by utilizing this approach.

6. Create Shortcuts for Apps Using the Navigation Buttons

Have you ever considered doing something other than utilizing the navigation bar to access the home screen, close apps, and launch recently used apps? The Button Mapper app provides the ability to use the same buttons to launch several programs and operations.

Your keys can be remapped so that certain apps are assigned based on your actions, such as double touching the home, recent, or back buttons. I did it to make it such that you could double-tap the home button to launch the camera app and the recent buttons app to launch Gmail. Additionally, you can change the volume and headset buttons for the same purpose.

It’s interesting to note that on supported smartphones like the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, this app also allows tweaking the Active Edge feature.

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7. Control the Orientation Through Force

Manufacturers of some phones place the charging port and headphone jack on the bottom frame, which makes it impossible for users to use the phone while it is plugged in or to listen to music when lying flat on the bed while using wired earbuds. The Adaptive Rotation Lock software saves the day in this situation.

You are able to manually change the direction of the content being presented on your screen using this extremely lightweight and ad-free program. You have the ability to use your device normally even if you are holding it upside down thanks to the notification toggle’s Reverse Portrait (upside down), Force Landscape, Reverse Landscape, and Force Auto settings.

It is useful for some apps, particularly those that don’t support the native rotation system on the home screen.

8. Reduce the Phone Resolution Changer’s Display Resolution.

A great workaround for conserving power that is being sucked dry by those extra pixels is to lower the display resolution. Additionally, playing high-intensity games, which often put a strain on the processor, may cause lagging and heating problems due to the higher resolution.

As a result, you might prefer a lesser resolution than what your device natively supports. We have two options for doing this, one of which needs root access and the other doesn’t. Install the Resolution Changer app from the Play Store if you’re already rooted to adjust the resolution and pixel density.

There is another technique, though, that requires a computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac) and enables you to adjust the pixel density and resolution using ADB commands if you are hesitant to root your device (without root).

Note: Some producers, such as Samsung, Huawei, and Honor, offer an integrated choice for this.

9. Improve Android L Speed to Reduce Lag and Delays

If your device is very old and low-end, you might have lagging and freezing issues rather frequently. Even simple operations like calling or using WhatsApp may experience latency. You could assume that this is the result of the gadget getting older, and while that is technically true, it is fixable with a straightforward solution.

Technically, for the majority of the actions, Android uses a predefined set of random data. App opening delays result from the device having to reconstruct itself when its entropy pool is exhausted.

The Seeder app, which executes the process of generating data every second, can be used to resolve this issue. Then, after frequently refreshing it, it sends that information to a new random data pool and uses it again to keep the system pool topped off so that it never runs out. As a result, apps launch more quickly, animations run smoothly, and navigation lag is decreased.

Keep in mind that this software needs ROOT and is incompatible with Android 5.0 or later. You can also try the L Speed app to speed up your Android phone in this situation.

People who don’t want to root their devices can enable developer options by touching the build number seven times in the About device section. From there, you can slow down animations by 0.5X or entirely turn them off. Your device will run faster and animation lag will be greatly reduced as a result.

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10. Enhance Game Graphics

Want your Android device to run at top speed and deliver the best gaming experience? The GLTools (graphics optimizer) program must then be used once.

This program, which needs root access to function, can trick a smartphone into performing better on lower-end hardware by making it think you’re using a different processor. Additionally, you can adjust your graphics for better game graphics and dynamic range.

That’s it for now. We’ll make an effort to update the article. How many of the tips and tricks we listed above did you already know? Let us know in the comments. Additionally, if you have any additional tips, please let us know so we may include them in the article.

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The Best Life Hacks for Your Mac Book! Learn More

The Finest Life Tips for Your Mac Book

The Apple MacBook is a highly sophisticated gadget with many useful functions. You can read the most helpful hints and tips right here, whether you’re looking to quickly add an emoji or transfer files on your iPhone.

Use Specialised Symbols Like É and Ö.

I occasionally need an e with a dash (accent aigu for the French) or an o with two dots when typing an email or other material (the well-known umlaut). I can easily add those characters on a MacBook by holding down a letter key longer. I can see a list of all special characters that begin with an e if I press the e key. The I o, u, and other letters all function exactly the same way.

Utilize Spotlight to Perform Calculations.

Calculations on an Apple MacBook Spotlight What is 78 plus 56? How many euros are there in a hundred dollars? I use Spotlight on my MacBook to find the answers to these kinds of queries. Spotlight opens up like a search bar when I hit the Command key while also pressing Space, allowing me to input my query. This enables me to calculate a sum quickly and determine how much my trip to America will actually cost.

Backspace Can Be Changed to Delete, and Vice Versa.

Apple Mac Book Backspace and Delete The Backspace and Delete Keys Are Both Present on The Mac Book Keyboard. when I Need to Rapidly Delete Something in The Middle of A Text, It Isn’t Always Helpful. I Press the Delete Key While Holding Down the Fn Key to Switch to Backspace or Vice Versa. Anyone Who Made the Switch to Apple for The First Time and Is Still Accustomed to A Keyboard with Both Keys Will Find This Advice to Be Extremely Helpful.

Include an Emoji

Mac Book Emoji from Apple Did a Coworker Tell a Crude Joke? (what Is an Astronaut’s Favourite Key on A Computer Keyboard? Space (the Key.) a Crying Emoji, in My Opinion, Is the Only Appropriate Response. by Simultaneously Hitting the Command, Control, and Space Bars, You May Access the Emoji Keyboard and Add an Emoji. Bonus Hint: The Appropriate Emoji Will Show up If I Search for “laughing” in The Emoji Keyboard.

Still Another? What Occurs to Astronauts Who Act Inappropriately? They Are Rooted.

Together, All of Your Open Programmes

Programs on An Apple Mac Book Side by Side I Frequently Have Many Programmes Open at Once Since the Mac Book Makes Multitasking Simple. I Utilise a Rapid Motion to Go from Spotify to Photoshop. I Can See All Open Apps by Putting Three Fingers Side by Side on The Touchpad and Then Moving Them Up.

Keep Your Apple Mac Book Screen on At All Times.

On Rare Occasions, I’ll Stream a Movie from My Mac Book to My Tv, Thus It Can’t Be in Sleep Mode. I Use Caffeine, a Really Straightforward Software. a Coffee Cup Icon Displays in The Menu Bar at The Top of The Screen when I Turn on Caffeine. the Screen Remains on If the Cup Is Filled. My Mac Book Will Eventually Enter Sleep Mode if The Cup Is Empty.

Reduce the Volume Gradually.

Apple Mac Book Volume Adjustment I Prefer to Be Able to Fairly Accurately Control the Level, Especially when I Use My Headphones to Watch YouTube. I Achieve This by Using the Volume Keys While Depressing the Shift and Option Keys. the Volume Then Shifts in 4 Times Smaller Steps than Usual. I Also Employ the Same Technique for Keyboard Illumination and Screen Brightness.

Launch Two Programmes Concurrently.

Programs on An Apple Mac Book Side by Side It Is Helpful to Have Two Apps Open Simultaneously if I Wish to Incorporate Information from A Website in A Writing. I Use Split View to Assist Me in Accomplish That. the Window Opens on Half of The Screen if I Click and Hold the Green Plus, Which Is Often Used to Make a Programme Full Screen. I Then Decide Whatever Software I Want to Launch Next to It.

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Copy on One Device, Paste on Another

Apple Mac Book Replica On Occasion, I Wish to Send a Link from My Mac Book to My I Phone via Whatsapp. I Used to Have to Transfer the Link from One Device to Another, but Apple Has Come up With a Better Method. if I Copy a Link on My Mac Book, It Will Appears on My iPhone‘s Paste Feature a Short While Later. I Need to Activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi While Logged Into I Cloud for This to Function.

Transmit files via AirDrop

Mac Book Air Air Drop Using AirDrop, It’s Simple to Move a File from one Apple device to another. It merely takes a few clicks to select the appropriate photographs and choose Airdrop as my preferred method of sharing them when I wish to move photos from my iPhone to my MacBook. My MacBook immediately displays the images. I need to maintain both devices close by in order to use Airdrop.

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10 Video Game Life Hacks Every Gamer Must Know for Having More Fun

We all love to play video games, but it takes up a lot of time. Most of us play for several hours each day and still find ourselves short on time. You can maximize your time and make life much simpler with the aid of these great DIY gaming life hacks.

1. Use Toilet Paper Rolls to Store Your Cords

Most likely, you keep all of your wires in a separate box or drawer where you dump them. When you need them, however, they are likely to be knotted and disorganized, taking minutes of your valuable time to disentangle. All of this may be avoided by simply keeping all of your cords neatly organized in a box inside of toilet paper rolls. For simpler access, you can mark them as well.

2. Hold Your Headset in Place with A Banana Stand.

Your headphones won’t survive very long if you just leave them on your desk or bed. Get yourself a cheap banana hanger from Amazon and use it as a headset hanger to extend the life of your headphones rather than spending $40 on those sophisticated gaming headset hangers.

3. Your Console Controllers Are Compatible with Pc.

Are Pc Games New to You? or Do You Simply Want to Sit Back and Play Your Preferred Games? Simply Connect One of Your Controllers to Your Pc to Solve the Issue. All Three Consoles—Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Ps4—can Wirelessly or Wired Connect to Your Pc. Start Playing!

4. Align Your Posture Better

While It Might Not Seem Vital to You Right Now, It Is Crucial for Anyone Who Spends a Lot of Time in Front of A Computer. Because We Spend so Much Time Sitting when Playing Games, It’s Crucial that We Have a Comfortable Gaming Chair and Take Care of Our Posture. Your Back Will Thank You, I Promise.

5. Increasing Hardware Speed for Better Performance

The Term “overclock” Refers to Manually Raising a System’s Upper or Default Limits. This Enhances Your Pc’s Overall Performance. but Exercise Extreme Caution as You Gradually Increase the Clock Speed and Continuously Monitor the System’s Temperature. Your Cpu May Burn if There Is a Poor Cooling System in Place.

6. Wear Glasses to Shield Your Eyes from Harmful Blue Light.

Screens Emit Dangerous Blue Light that Can Permanently Hurt Your Eyes. with These Blue Light-Blocking Glasses, Which Are Available on Amazon in A Vast Selection of Fashionable Frame Options, You Can Prevent Bad Eye Fatigue Caused by Hours of Late-Night Gaming!

7. for Optimum Speed, Use a Wired Internet Connection.

Wired Connections Are More Dependable and Stable, as Is Common Knowledge. Get Improved Speed and Ping by Connecting Your System to An Ethernet Cable. Your Gaming Experience Will Be Enhanced Overall with A Reliable Wired Connection.

8. Zip-Tie Cable Management

If Cables Aren’t Managed Properly, They Might Be a Gamer’s Worst Enemy. They Might Sabotage Your Nearly Ideal Gaming Setup. You Can Organise Your Cables and Tie Them Together Neatly with No Problems if You Simply Purchase a Large Quantity of Zip Ties.

9. Download Flux

a Cross-Platform Computer Programme Called Flux F.Lux Adjusts a Display’s Colour Temperature in Accordance with The Location and Time of Day, Providing a Useful Visual Break. the Program’s Goal Is to Lessen Eye Fatigue Caused by Late-Night Gaming, Hence Preventing Sleep Interruption.

Download Here – f.lux: software to make your life better (

10. Set Your Tv to Game Mode.

Despite the Fact that Almost All T vs Include This Feature—which Is Incredibly Useful for Console Gamers—the Majority of People Disregard It. You’ll Have a Quicker Response Time and Less Input Lag if You Choose This Option, Which Can Also Improve Video Processing.

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