life hacks for watches

Life Hacks for Watches :6 Life Hacks for Your Apple Watch!

You won’t be able to operate without an Apple Watch soon after acquiring one. With the Apple Watch, you can start a workout and get notifications on your wrist. However, the Apple Watch has a lot more to offer. Some things you might not even be aware of. Did you know any of the following Apple Watch life hacks?

1. Make Use of Remote Control on Your Apple Watch.

Is no one available to snap the group photo you desire? There’s always the self-timer on your iPhone, but it’s not always practical. When you’re either all uncomfortably grinning at the camera as the timer counts down or you’re just a bit late, it makes for some fantastic photos. Your iPhone camera is immediately turned on when you open the camera app on your Apple Watch. Tap the Apple Watch’s shutter button to shoot a picture from a distance. I assume it’s useful?

life hacks for watches

2. Put the Torch to Use

Looking for something in the dark? Without a light, that is hard. Did you know that there is a flashlight setting on the Apple Watch? Everyone is familiar with the iPhone’s flashlight function. By sliding up, tap the flashlight in the Control Center. Now you can use the screen of your Apple Watch as a flashlight. The three options that are available when adjusting the brightness are regular white, flashing white, and red.

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3. Locate Your Phone

When you have an Apple Watch on your wrist, you can always remain up to date on new communications. For this reason, my personal iPhone is always on silent mode. But that won’t help much if I lose my iPhone. Your iPhone can be located more easily with the Apple Watch. To open the Control Center, slide up after tapping the iPhone to make it ping. Your iPhone will now emit a short sound that is audible from a great distance. Additionally, the iPhone may briefly flicker, which is useful at night.

life hacks for watches

4. Unlock Your Mac with Your Apple Watch

The advantage of owning numerous Apple products is how seamlessly they all work together. For instance, you can unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. The MacBook can “sense” your presence with the aid of your Apple Watch. You don’t need to enter a password to start using your Mac straight immediately. On both devices, you must sign in using your Apple ID. Select System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General on your Mac. On this page, you can set the Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.

5. Set a Timer.

Do you realize you need a timer? One can be configured on the Apple Watch. This is ideal whether you want to cook rice for 10 minutes or do a minute-long plank workout. Go to the timer on your Apple Watch to select a time. To make it easier, you may also ask Siri to do the task for you. This is helpful if your hands get messy while you’re cooking. Just say, “Hey Siri, set a one-minute timer.”

life hacks for watches

6. Employ Theater Mode

Your Apple Watch might not need to be on all the time. For instance, while you’re attempting to focus or when you’re watching a movie in a theatre. At that point, you can put your Apple Watch in Theater Mode. Using the up swipe, select the icon with the masks in the Control Center.

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This uses theatre mode. Activate this mode. Now, the screen of your Apple Watch won’t light up unless you tap it, press a side button, or turn the Digital Crown.

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