10 Amazing Ikea Hacks to Decorate on A Lower Budget

IKEA is one of my favourite stores because there are so many low-cost furniture options available. There are numerous ways to change them, even though most of them are very dull.

I want to share 20 amazing IKEA hacks with you today that you can apply to adorn your home!

1. Entryway Structure

Get an Ikea Kallax shelf unit and use it to organise your doorway. All of us have a lot of items that must be moved.

You won’t have to worry about the clutter with this management system. You may now have a gorgeous entrance to the house and store them all in one location.

Slide hand-woven baskets like these into the lower shelves and insert IKEA drawers. To stay organised, put various kinds of goods in each drawer.

You may now find a spot for all of your necessities, including scarves and sunglasses.

2. Bedside Table with Marble Top

Purchase a standard IKEA bedside table and modify it to fit the mood of your bedroom. Obtain some paint first, ideally grey.

Then, get a sticky-back plastic sheet with a marble effect like this one and adhere it to the top of the table. And now you have a bedside table that is much more intriguing and beautiful!

3. Commercial Shelf

To make it look industrial, you don’t need to purchase industrial shelves! Get this Hyllis shelf unit for dirt cheap, paint it black, and then add wood planks to the shelves.

If you slightly loosen the shelves before tightening the screws, the wood planks will remain undamaged. You’ll need to drill a few holes in the top wood plank to fasten it.

The outcome is your very own industrial shelf for a very low cost!

4. Extended Storage Unit

Convert a long bookshelf and an IKEA Expedit into a fantastic long storage cabinet. Additionally, it looks simply stunning.

The shellac-based primer and oak stain are necessary to accomplish this. Additionally, pick colours that will work in your area. If your home lacks lighter spaces, choose colours that are brighter.

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5. Storage Bench For The Hallway

Ikea Kallax may be transformed into a lovely storage solution that the whole family will adore. It is ideal for a corridor because it can also be used as a bench.

Sit on it while waiting for the family to get ready or while putting your shoes on. You’ll need a long wooden plank for it or several big wooden boards for a more rustic appearance (like these ones here).

To attach them to the top of the Ikea Kallax, you may simply glue them together or fasten them. Of course, you’ll also require a couple of storage baskets.

You can choose between these lovely vintage wire baskets or these grey fabric-covered foldable storage cubes. Choosing the ideal storage basket is not difficult; there are many types available.

6. Framed Minerals and Rocks

A great fan of crystals and rocks of all kinds? It can be a good idea to display them if you collect them.

Purchase a basic black frame from IKEA, add some cards, and secure the jewels with glue. It has aesthetic value for the home and also has spiritual significance.

Get a large number of crystals from here if you don’t collect minerals but would still like to have something similar on your wall.

7. Shelf Space for Books

Purchase these BEKVAM spice racks, then give them a white coat of paint. They are useful for books, photos, and so many more!

a fantastic way to decorate your walls and add some useful storage space.

8. Custom-Made Shelving Unit

Metal shelf units are abundant in Ikea! They’re inexpensive, and if you decorate them with flowers and other elements, they make for a charming addition to your room’s decor.

Simple, useful, and lovely!

9. Shelf Supports for Clothing Storage

Not only are these shelf brackets useful for shelving! Put your clothing on them and use them to decorate your bedroom.

You could always erect a shelf and keep everything on it.

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10. An Ikea Cart to Set up Your Desk

Your office will be the perfect place for this Ikea cart. in particular, if you have a wall workstation!

Simply roll it beneath the desk and place all of your paperwork, writing instruments, notepads, and other office materials within. It makes a lovely design element, and you can always transfer it to a different area when you get an idea.

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