I Tried J Lo's Hairstylist's 3 Viral TikTok Hair Hacks

I Tried J Lo’s Hairstylist’s 3 Viral TikTok Hair Hacks

TikTok has become a popular place for quick hair hacks.

Chris Appleton, Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist, has recently gone viral with a few hair hacks.
One editor tried Appleton’s popular hair hacks and was pleasantly surprised by the results.
I’ve spent endless hours scrolling TikTok since I started an account, and I’ve come to rely on it for finding the best hair and makeup tricks. TikTok taught me how to make my ponytail look fuller and how to contour my face with my hair, both of which I use frequently.

Chris Appleton, Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist, is someone who frequently appears on my For You Page with helpful hair recommendations. More than half of my Favorites folder is made up of videos of Appleton transforming a normal, uninteresting hairdo into one that looks like it belongs on the head of an off-duty supermodel. I’ve tried many of his suggestions, but there are three that I use again and usually get compliments on. I’ll walk you through each one so you can see for yourself the wonder.

Full-Ponytail Bouncy Hack

I began by sectioning my hair into two portions for this hack. I then tied the top half of my hair in a ponytail. Next, I divided my ponytail into two portions, leaving a gap between both. I then inserted the ends of my ponytail into the opening and pulled my hair all the way through.

I then pushed the top piece of my hair to the side and began working on the bottom. I pulled the lower half of my hair into a ponytail and tightened it. Then I threaded the lower part of my hair through the opening in the upper ponytail. I ended by tightening everything. Despite the fact that I fixed my ponytail at the same height, as usual, Appleton’s hack resulted in a voluminous ponytail that was thicker and more stylish than my initial, limp ponytail.

I Tried J Lo's Hairstylist's 3 Viral TikTok Hair Hacks

Advanced Messy-Bun Hack

I Knew I Had to Try This Messy-Bun Trick as Soon as I Saw It. the Reality Is that I’ve Been Utilising This Technique Since I First Discovered It Last Year, and It’s Been a Major Game Changer.

I Began by Pulling My Hair Into a High Ponytail and Sprayed It With A Dry Texturizing Spray. I Then Braided the Hair in My Ponytail and Fixed It with A Little Elastic at The End. I Loosened the Braid and Looped It Around My Ponytail Clockwise. I Secured It in Place with A Bobby Pin, Then Cleaned It up With Hairspray and A Toothbrush.

This Gave My Messy Bun a Lot More Volume than Just Throwing It Up, and It Lasted and Stayed in Place All Day. Furthermore, It Appears Far More Sophisticated and Put Together than My Usual Untidy Bun. This Is My Go-To Style when I Have Dirty Hair and Don’t Feel Like Putting in A Lot of Effort to Style It.

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Slicked-Back-Bun Supermodel Hack

I Love the Slicked-Back Bun, but Until I Attempted This Technique, I Had Never Been Able to Get My Bun Perfectly Smooth. According to Appleton, the Secret Is to Divide the Hair Into Two Pieces. I Began by Sectioning Off the Shorter Front Sections of My Hair and Clipped Them Into a Triangular Segment.

After That, I Sprayed Hairspray Into Any Unsectioned Roots and Combed My Hair Back Into a Ponytail. Once My Pony Was in Position, I Unclipped My Centre Part and Sprayed It to Tidy It Up. Then I Swept the Front Pieces Back and Tied Them Together with My Original Ponytail. on Top of My Original Ponytail, I Fastened the Pieces with A Small Rubber Band. I Was Able to Conceal Any Irregularities in My Hair with The Front Pieces, and I Simply Needed to Smooth the Top.

I Tried J Lo's Hairstylist's 3 Viral TikTok Hair Hacks

To End, I Twisted and Wrapped My Hair Around My Ponytail, Leaving a Small Portion out To Achieve the Ultimate Bella Hadid Look. I Used Another Little Elastic to Keep Everything in Place. I Then Used a Toothbrush and Hairspray to Clean Things Up. Using Appleton’s Instructions, I Was Able to Accomplish the Perfect Hadid Bun for The First Time.

Why Not Try Them if You’ve Been Seeking A New Hairdo that Simply Requires Products You Probably Already Have at Home and Doesn’t Take Too Long to Achieve? They’ve Been My Go-To Looks for Months, and I Always Receive Compliments on Them.

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