Eyeliner Hacks: Tricks for Employing Unusual Materials to Enhance Your Winged Liner.

Eyeliner Hacks: Tricks for Employing Unusual Materials to Enhance Your Winged Liner.

In our world, almost every area of life has its own tricks for surviving, and beauty is surely one of them! You may find hacks for everything from fixing issues with everyday objects to nailing a particular style with odd tools, like maintaining your eyeliner skills.

When it comes to makeup, the internet has seen quite a few follies. With each passing day, trends like using lubricant as a primer become weirder and crazier! Even if they don’t seem very promising, some odd hacks do end up working. There are techniques for everyone, from how to polish your contouring to how to create that fierce winged liner!

People frequently obsess over wing liner, and it’s understandable why as it always harmonizes the style. Even when wearing no makeup at all, a basic eyeliner generally suffices. Those who can execute it properly without any assistance or problems are regarded as winged Gods! With these straightforward hacks using objects from around your home, you can join them.

Use these six tools to create the ideal wing eyeliner:

Tooth Floss

You did read that correctly. You can obtain a flawless eyeliner line with the same instrument you use to clean in between your teeth! Apply some liquid eyeliner on a floss pick or dental floss thread and use that to swiftly draw the precise line at the corner of your eyes before it dries.

Connect and fill in your liner as usual once you are satisfied with the length and placement. Your eyeliner will surely be flawless if you use the floss line as a guide! As an alternative, you can achieve the same result by using stitching thread.

Brad Pins

If you have long hair, you will undoubtedly discover this instrument scattered throughout the house. It seems that there are multiple uses for these useful little things. Many people used bobby pins dipped in brown eyeshadow to make natural-looking false freckles while they were in style.

Apply your eyeliner to the bobby pin’s naturally triangular end before inserting it into your eye’s corner to use this technique. When you are satisfied with the position, press down to leave your liner’s imprint. The space can then be filled in once again using the imprint as a guide, and finished! You effortlessly possess the ideal wing liner.

The best aspect is that with this tool, you don’t even have to worry about adjusting the size of the wing on the other eye. The form can also be left empty if you choose, turning it into a cute graphic liner.

A Business Card or Other Type of Card

Do you need to perfect your liner while on the go? You already have the answer in your backpack or wallet, though. Whether it’s a business card, credit card, or debit card, everyone always keeps some kind of card on hand. The card’s sharp edges act as a scale on paper, assisting you in drawing the precise line required to begin applying eyeliner that will look faultless. It really makes things simple to do!

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Sterile Gauze

These sticky gadgets will help not just with their intended use but also with making a deadly wing liner. Cut the medical tape to the desired size, then apply it to the top and bottom edges of the eye to create a winged-like structure in the corner. Another technique is to wrap a long length of tape around your face, going from one corner of your eye to the other, under your nose.

To give the wing the proper shape, be sure to add two pieces above the eye as well. Then, cover the area left by the tape or bandage with ordinary liquid eyeliner. Pro tip: To reduce the adhesive a little bit before applying the item to the desired area, place and remove the medical tape many times from the back of your hand.

A Fork

Although using a fork may seem silly, it is essential to trust the procedure. Place one of the gaps to the corner of your eye, be very careful with the edge, and use it as a guideline for your wing. Once the fork has been positioned correctly to create the desired shape for your liner, fill that area with the liner of your choosing. You can also use the edge alone as a temporary scale to acquire the precise straight line required to finish your winged liner.

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Pencil and Q-Tip

Who would have thought that a tool for fixing faults might also be used to stamp out the ideal wing? Even if stamp eyeliners are a thing, there is no harm in attempting a hack using a simple tool like an eraser. You may create your very own stamp by cutting an eraser’s edge into the shape of a triangle, then glueing it on a Q-tip for a temporary hold.

Place the eraser where you would like your wing to be by dipping it into the gel liner pot. Without any hesitation, proceed to stamp that ideal wing all the way to the edge, fill it in, and finish your design. Since you may cut the eraser to any size you choose, this hack is as adaptable as the tool in question! Get flying with this easy-to-use but an efficient trick.

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