Apex Legends: How To Report Hackers and Cheaters

Apex Legends: How To Report Hackers and Cheaters

Apex Legends has just passed 50 million players and shows no signs of slowing down. With so many players and so much satisfaction in winning a match and becoming champion, it is unavoidable that some may resort to cheating rather than putting in the work to improve their game. I’ll go over how to report hackers and cheats in Apex Legends today.

How to Report Apex Legends Hackers and Cheaters

There is currently no way to report cheating in-game. It is one of the most desired features for Respawn and EA, yet there is still no indication on whether or not we will get one. There is a means to report hackers and cheats in Apex Legends, but it is time-consuming.

Reporting Apex Legends Hackers and Cheaters

I’m not sure if the reporting system is purposefully complex to discourage us from bothering, or if it was simply an oversight not to include it in the game. In either case, you can report cheating, but it isn’t as simple as it should be.

To report Apex Legends hackers and cheats, go to the Easy Anti-cheat website and fill out an online form. The form is short but only in English, and it states that ‘the general response time may range from 3 to 14 days.’ Nice.

The form does include a free text message at the conclusion, but there is no place to upload video or screenshots, and no place to contribute any evidence. At the moment, you’ll have to upload the movie and leave a link in the comments, which is clearly insufficient.

It’s a truly pitiful system that isn’t even worthy of the moniker ‘Report a Cheat.’ This is one of the worst design decisions made in Apex Legends, despite the fact that there are many more.

Apex Legends: How To Report Hackers and Cheaters

Sure, researching and eliminating cheating is a headache, but it’s important if a game like this is to thrive. Even if nothing happens, giving players the impression that their concerns and complaints are taken seriously is critical. The current reporting mechanism is far from ideal.

If a recent quote from a community mod is any indication, something is on the way. They allegedly stated that Respawn ‘had heard your comments on a report feature in the game and that it is a very nice idea.’ However, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

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Apex Legends Cheating

Apex Legends certainly has a hacking or cheating problem, since Respawn mods banned over 16,000 offenders within 10 days of the game’s release. That number has most likely climbed at the same rate as the player base and will continue to rise until appropriate measures are taken against the cheaters.

To keep things fair, most competitive online games must employ some form of anti-cheat system. Apex Legends, like many other online games, use Easy Anti-Cheat because it works well, keeps out of the way of other games, and performs a credible job of catching cheaters.

It isn’t perfect, but as long as it instals well and communicates with its server, you should never notice it is operating.

East Anti-Cheat is installed with the game on your computer or console. It is middleware that sits between your hardware and the game and monitors everything that the game executable does. It searches and verifies all programmes that interact with the Apex Legends executable, as well as memory. Its job is to verify that only verified, approved programmes communicate with the executable in order to detect and prohibit cheaters.

Apex Legends: How To Report Hackers and Cheaters

Cheats are frequently programmes that insert themselves into the game stream, allowing you to walk through walls, shoot around corners, never miss, utilise an aimbot, and do a variety of other nasty things. Game cheaters make a lot of money, which is why they are so persistent.

While not flawless, Easy Anti-Cheat performs far better than PunkBuster or the numerous other anti-cheat methods employed by games. Not only did this previous software frequently fail and cause problems with games, but they were also suspected of scanning your computer for more than simple tricks. As far as I know, nothing was ever proven, but suspicion was enough to make us despise them.

Anti-cheating software has come a long way since then, and Easy Anti-Cheat appears to be competent enough. It never interrupts or crashes when I play Apex Legends, Fortnite, The Division 2, Warface, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and other games.

The present method in Apex Legends for reporting hackers and cheats is, to put it mildly, inadequate, but it’s better than nothing, I suppose. Hopefully, Respawn has responded and is working on an in-game reporting feature to help us clean up the game. Hopefully!

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