A Life Hack: How Good Cables Make Fast Charging Possible

A Life Hack: How Good Cables Make Fast Charging Possible

Did you realize that simply using one of our fast chargers with your ordinary cord isn’t always enough? Good cables make all the difference, and you need to be sure you’re utilizing a cable that’s up to scratch. Read on for our guide to how you can boost the pace of your charging!

What Is Fast Charging?

More power is provided by a fast charger than by a standard charger. As a result, it takes less time for your battery to charge completely. With an 18W charger, you can charge your device completely in half the time it takes with a 12W charger. Your battery is charged more slowly as it fills up in order to safeguard it from harm. That implies that quick charging starts off at its fastest and then slows down. Fast chargers are thus best suited for swiftly topping off your dead battery.

We’re planning to publish a thorough blog about this soon — for now, this video is a great one:

Does Your Cable Really Affect how Fast Your Phone Charges?

With the exception of color and size, cables tend to look the same. Yes, one might be lightning and yes, one might be USB, but otherwise, there isn’t much difference. Right?

Wrong. And it’s all for a wonderful cause — it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

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Why Does Good Charging Connections Matter for Rapid Charging?

There are four wires within your USB charging cables, including data wires and charging wires. How much power your cable carries is controlled by the size of one of these charging cables; a typical cable is 28/28 gauge, but good cables for quick charging have 28/24 gauge.

The regular wires only transport roughly 5A, whereas rapid charging cables can handle up to 2A. This is because although while 24 seems a lower number than 28, they’re actually 60 percent greater.

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Life Hack Note: Cable Size Counts!

Unfortunately so, especially when partnering with a purpose-built fast charger.

It’s a really straightforward idea. Bigger cables carry more current and therefore can deliver more electricity to your phone in the same period of time. This implies it will charge faster.

How Can I Check Whether I Have a Fast Charging Cable?

There are a few ways of doing this, including downloading an app. One simple test is – are you still using the cable that came with your phone? If so, and your phone didn’t come equipped with a fast PD GaN charger (or you’re using a cable from an earlier phone, shock horror), then you might want to alter things up.

If you aren’t sure and want to cover all bases, you may get fresh, sturdy, and quick charging-ready lightning cables and USB-C cables from RAVPower! If you want to know more about the quick charging range.

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