10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

Guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Sometimes all I want is to live the peaceful life of a farmer in a small village, tending to my vegetables and feeding my chickens. But I’ll have to put my peasant aspirations on wait as maturity draws near and brings with it a life of obligations.

We are fortunate to live in a world where we can almost realize our wildest dreams. Animal Crossing is one of those games that provides solace from the real world if you’re like me.

Here are some pointers and tactics to help you along the way if you’re just starting out and want to improve your villager abilities stat in the game’s most recent series, New Horizons.

1. Pay Off Your Moving Loan Debt Right Away.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

When you initially arrive on your island, Tom Nook surprises you with a generous gift of 5,000 Nook Miles to help with moving expenses. It’s best to repay this promptly because you’ll need to.

After paying off your debts, you’ll be able to upgrade from a tent to a real house, which provides extra built-in storage for all the things you’ll eventually gather while playing the game rather than having to lug them around in a small space.

Therefore, O$P$ if you want to join in on the pleasure of adorning and flaunting your new pad.

After paying off your debts, you’ll also be able to access Nook Mile Rewards, which come with exclusive items and recipes, as well as Nook Miles+. These are jobs that, when finished, reward you with miles. They also never stop refreshing, so it’s simple to make a little more money.

2. Using Time Travel to Shorten the Days.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

In case you didn’t know, time in Animal Crossing works differently from other simulation games where a “day” is only a few hours in real life. The game actually works in real-world time, so the sun only sets digitally when it gets dark outside.

This entails a lot of waiting because the seasons in the game change just like they do in real life. That is unless you want to go all out and tamper with the very fabric of time and space.

How to do it is as follows:

  • Select “Date and Time” in the system settings and deactivate “Synchronize Clock.”
  • Change the date and time settings to your liking.
  • Start the game over

However, if there’s one thing that time travel films like Butterfly Effect and Donnie Darko have taught me, it’s that everything has an impact. By fiddling with the settings, you can cause time jumps in the game, which have the effect of the residents abandoning your island.

Additionally, some users advise moving backward in time rather than forward because it will allow you to “catch up” with actual time.

3. Get Free Bells by Harvesting Money Trees.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

Even though our parents might tell us that money doesn’t grow on trees, Animal Crossing proves otherwise. Money Trees are trees that produce bells rather than fruit; they’re a really cool method to make extra cash.

  • Just carry out these actions.
  • Pay attention to the golden light beams coming up from the earth.
  • Dig a hole to get the bells.

Select a section from your inventory and “plant” a bag of bells there. If you do the arithmetic, planting a bag of 10 000 bells will yield 30 000 bells, yielding a 20 000 profit.

4. Trade in Fish and Bugs to Gain Access to The Museum.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

Blathers will come by for a visit after you trade bugs and fish with Tom Nook, and he will hold the key to opening the museum on your island.

You only have to:

  • Trade five fish or bugs with Tom Nook.
  • Create a work area for the museum’s construction
  • Give Blathers 15 additional goods. These could be anything from fossils to fish and insects.

5. Use Clams to Make Your Own Fish Bait.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

Manufacture sure you understand how to make your own Fish Bait because fishing is one activity you’ll engage in frequently in Animal Crossing. The recipe for this will become available to you once you have dug your first manila clam.

On the shore, keep an eye out for any black specks that emit water jets to find Manila clams. At the DIY Workbench, shovel them out and use them to make Fish Bait. They’re worth 100 bells if you wish to sell them.

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6. Exchange Fruit to Prevent Squandering Nook Miles.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

On particular islands in the game, you can find various fruits. Fruits from trees on your island can be shaken and sold for 100 bells, and “strange” fruits from places other than your own can fetch up to 500 bells.

Finding them is the challenging part; doing so requires travel and costs a lot of Nook Miles.

Share them with your pals rather than traveling extensively. Befriend each other in the game if you have friends who also play Animal Crossing so you can visit each other’s islands and see what fruits they may have.

After that, place these fruits on your island so they can grow in your garden.

7. Consume Fruit for More Power-Ups.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

Fruits offer some pretty awesome power-ups in addition to helping you get more bells.

A small counter will show on your screen when you eat a fruit; the bigger the number, the more powerful the power up. Benefits include being stronger and being able to use an axe and a shovel, respectively, to uproot entire trees and remove rocks.

These “fruit enhancements,” nevertheless, aren’t always beneficial. For instance, fracturing an entire rock by becoming overly sophisticated results in the creation of “less beneficial” materials.

Digging up and replanting a tree is one approach to fix this; keep doing this until your fruit meter returns to zero. Although tedious, it completes the task.

8. You Shouldn’t Smash Rocks to Get Resources.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

Avoid crushing rocks for resources if you’re a little too strong. You can obtain one of three objects when you strike a rock: iron, clay, or stone. Making the naive assumption that shattering a rock in its whole will cause them all to fall is incorrect.

You will still only get 1 item from breaking rocks, but you will also have to wait for them to re-spawn. Only destroy them if you must create room for a new building or if you want them to spawn closer to your house.

Use the timer that rocks have to your full advantage to extract as many resources as you can from them.

Dig two holes behind your character to prevent it from “bouncing back” after you hit the rock in order to make the most of your time. You’ll be able to acquire all 8 goods before the deadline if you do this.

9. Be Slow and Sly to Catch Bugs Easily.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

Being so close to trapping a bug only for it to flee at the last second is one of the most annoying things that may occur in this otherwise serene game.

The secret is to go slowly and quietly. By holding down the “A” button, gently advance by advancing. Keep in mind to pause so you don’t scare the bugs away, then keep going until you’re within catching distance.

When trapping more dangerous creepy crawlies like scorpions and tarantulas, which may attack if provoked, this is extremely helpful.

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10. when Shaking Trees, Always Hold on To Your Net.

10 ACNH Hacks & Strategies To Advance Your Villager Skills

You’re agitating a tree to harvest some delectable fruit or gather sticks while going about your daily activity.

Then the unimaginable occurs: a freaking wasp nest collapses to the ground.

The last thing you want to do is RUN, despite your instincts telling you to do so. That will result in a painful sting.

Instead of rummaging through your inventory to find your net later, prevent this by having it ready every time you go to shake a tree. You can use this as your “battle weapon” when the stingers start to appear.

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