How to Deactivate Instagram

Easy Steps to Delete and Deactivate your Instagram: 2023 Updates!

So, you want to get rid of or turn off your Instagram account, but you don’t know how. We totally understand if you need a break from scrolling through Instagram. Maybe you’re going on a big digital detox, trying to protect your privacy from social media giants, or you just need a break from scrolling through Instagram.

Leaving Instagram is easy, whether you want to do it temporarily or forever. Here is an outline of how to delete your Instagram account and a step-by-step guide.

Delete and Deactivate your Instagram: What’s the difference?

The main difference between deleting Instagram and turning it off is that turning it off is only for a short time while deleting is forever. If you want to break up with Instagram, we recommend that you deactivate your account and take some time away from the site before saying your final goodbyes. If you turn off your Instagram account and don’t miss it at all, you can move on to the next step and delete it for good.

How to Deactivate your Instagram account

By following the steps below, you can turn off your Instagram account on your phone or computer. If you decide you don’t want to give up Instagram for good, it’s easy to turn it back on.

Deactivate Instagram account on an iPhone

The first thing you should know is that you can’t close your Instagram account on an iPhone using the Instagram app. You will have to use the internet browser on your iPhone to do that instead.

Here’s how you can stop using Instagram:

Open up the browser on your iPhone and go to This will work with Safari, Chrome, or any other browser you use.

  • Sign in to your account, go to your personal page, and tap Edit personal.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap “Temporarily stop my account.”
  • Fill in the right answer in the box next to “Why are you turning off your account?”
  • Type in your password again.
  • Tap “Temporarily shut down my account” again.
  • How to stop using Instagram on your computer
  • On a desktop machine, it’s very similar to turning off your Instagram account. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Open your internet browser and go to
  • Sign in to your account and go to the page for your name.
  • Click the button next to your username that says “Edit Profile.”
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click “Temporarily stop my account.”
  • There will be a few more questions on a new screen. Fill in the box that says “Why are you closing your account?”
  • Type your Instagram password again.
  • Click “Suspend my account for now.”

What Happens to your Instagram account when you turn it off?

When you turn off your Instagram account, no one can see it at all. Your followers won’t be able to see your pictures or your profile, and your photos won’t show up in hashtag or geotag searches. Instagram will keep all of your photos and other information, but you won’t be able to see them on the Instagram app or website. Your username will also be taken off of everyone’s lists of people they follow and people they follow. It will be as if you never had an account.

How to Deactivate Instagram

Your Instagram account is only temporarily turned off, so as soon as you sign in again, all of your data and photos will be recovered and start showing up in other people’s feeds again.

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How long can you Temporarily disable your Instagram?

You don’t have to worry about your account being inactive for as long as you want. When you want to look at your information again, it will still be there. You just need to log in with the right information.

When You Temporarily Turn Off Your Instagram Account, What Happens to Your Direct Messages?

You won’t be able to see your Instagram direct messages while your account is suspended, but as soon as you log back into Instagram, all of your messages will be there again.

How to get rid of an Instagram account for good

If you turn off your account and don’t miss using Instagram, you might be ready to delete it completely. Unlike deactivating your account, deleting it is permanent and can’t be undone. If you do decide to delete your account, you will lose all your unsaved pictures, data, direct messages, and followers.

Once you delete your Instagram account for good, you won’t be able to sign up with the same username or add your current username to another account.

How to Get Rid of An I Phone Instagram account

Just like you can’t delete your Instagram account with the Instagram website, you can’t delete it with the Instagram app. You need an internet browser to do it. Here is a step-by-step guide to fully deleting your Instagram account.

Open the browser on your iPhone and go to the Instagram page to delete your account.

Scroll down until you see “Why are you closing your account?” and pick the right answer.

Type in your password again.

Read the last bit of information, and then tap “Permanently end my account.” Your account will be closed for good.

How Do You Get Rid of a PC Instagram account?

On a desktop machine, the steps to delete your Instagram account are exactly the same:

Open the browser on your computer and go to the Instagram page where you can delete your account.

Choose the right answer from the list next to “Why are you canceling your account?”

Type in your password again.

Before you click Permanently delete my account, read Instagram’s disclosure statement.

How do I delete an Instagram account that I can’t log into?

If you can’t remember your Instagram login information, it will be harder to delete your account. Instagram won’t delete your account just because you ask. This is to protect your privacy. You need to know how to log in. Here are some things to try if you can’t get into your account.

You can use your email address, phone number, or Facebook account to reset a lost password. Just go to the page where you sign in and tap “Forgot Password.” You’ll get a code from Instagram that you can use to sign in.

Don’t put the @ symbol in front of your handle.

Check to see if Instagram sent you an email telling you that your account info has been changed.

If you still can’t get into your account, tell Instagram about it.

For more help, go to the Instagram login support page.

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What happens when you Delete the Instagram app?

Getting rid of the Instagram app is not the same as getting rid of your account on Instagram. If you delete the app, it will no longer be on your phone, but your account will still be active. You can still sign in with another phone or your computer, and if you restart the app and log in, your account will be there waiting for you.

If Instagram is acting up for you, deleting it from your phone and then reinstalling it can help. It won’t change anything about your account.

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