Fact Checking Policy

We use a stringent vetting procedure for each news article on the site in an effort to ensure that the headlines are accurate. We label rumors and insider reports as such so that our readers can tell the difference between fact and the kind of business chatter that piques their attention.

We check that all of our sources are current and reliable before publishing any article. Before beginning to write, we always double-check our information by going back to the original source (and references, if necessary). Although it may be reported as confirmed by other media sites, we will not consider anything less than absolute certainty to be confirmed.

 We will not publish anything just to get a click. Our headlines can be brash, but we don’t make generalizations for the sake of making them. It must adhere to strict standards of veracity and be thoroughly fact-checked. When you read an article on Enviro360, you’ll find more than just a summary of the latest events; you’ll also get expert analysis of the news and commentary on why it matters.

Enviro360.com staff is made up of authors with experience in many fields of the entertainment business that share a common goal: to provide our readers with the highest quality and most interesting content possible.

Our writers and editors are seasoned pros in their fields, so you can trust that every new post will be up to date, accurate, and full of information. We adhere to standard practices in journalism when we are the first to report on anything.

Taking Everything Into Account

We expect the same level of investigation and objectivity in our features, as well as a clear presentation of an argument, and these requirements remain constant (and when drawing out a conclusion or theory, considering and including relevant counter-arguments). By taking this strategy, we can cover more ground and provide information that readers will find useful even before they ask for it.

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