India’s First Solar-Powered Village Pays Residents’ Electric Bills and Then Some

The Residents’ Electric Bills Are Paid in Whole by India’s First Solar-Powered Village.!

According to Euronews, Modherain in the Indian state of Gujarat has become the country’s first solar-powered village, laying the stage for what UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called a reconciliation between humanity and the earth.

At a cost of $9.7 million, the solar project has given Modhera’s residents an excess of renewable energy, according to UN News. The Gujarati government and the Indian government shared the cost of the solar plant.

According to Euronews, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared Modhera to be the first hamlet in the nation to be powered entirely by solar energy. According to Gujarat’s government, households can thus save anywhere between 60 and 100 percent on their energy costs.

Prior to solar, I had to pay a hefty electricity bill every month that was close to 2,000 rupees. My electricity cost is now $0 thanks to the solar panel installation. In my home, solar energy now powers everything from the washing machine to the refrigerator. According to UN News, villager Gadvi Kailashben, who supports her family via farming, stated that she is currently not paying even one rupee toward her energy bill.

India’s First Solar-Powered Village Pays Residents’ Electric Bills and Then Some

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According to Euronews, about 30 acres of Modhera now have solar and rooftop panels that provide more kilowatts of energy than the villagers’ daily energy needs.

This complete project is made up of three main parts. One is our 6-megawatt ground-mounted project. According to Rajendra Mistry, the chief project officer of Gujarat Power Corporation Limited, the 15-megawatt battery storage system comes in second, while the 1,300 homes’ 1,040 rooftop solar panels come in third, as reported by UN News.

The solar project not only helps the villagers pay their bills, but it is also turning into a source of cash because they can sell any extra electricity they produce back to the power system.

We used to have to pay astronomical electrical rates because we work on our farm. We are currently saving a lot of electricity thanks to the solar installation in our village. Our previous electricity bill was approximately 2,000 rupees. According to Ashaben Mahendrabhai, a peasant who lives with her husband and two children, it is now in the negative, as reported by UN News.

Guterres remarked, “The ancestors of those who live in this hamlet today created this wonderful Temple of the Sun a thousand years ago,” when touring the Sun Temple of Modhera on the Pushpavati River. According to Euronews, they achieved it while acknowledging that the sun is the source of all the energy we have on Earth.

According to UN News, the Sun Temple is entirely run by solar energy, including a 3D light show, and the parking lot contains electric vehicle charging stations.

According to Euronews, the UN chief also said that the town was getting healthier and more prosperous as a result of the solar project, which also helped save the planet from the still-rising, uncontrollable climate change.


India’s First Solar-Powered Village Pays Residents’ Electric Bills and Then Some

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The people of Modhera expressed their happiness in using environmentally friendly renewable energy to Guterres last week.

The Sun Temple-related Modhera will be renowned for its advancements in solar energy. According to The Economic Times, it’s a big day for Modhera as it makes a huge step in harnessing solar energy.

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