TikTok Campaign Targets Controversial Alaska Willow Oil Project

TikTok Campaign Targets Controversial Alaska Willow Oil Project.

When season 4 is over, you might be wondering if this has been renewed or canceled for season 5. What we do know is this:

What Do You Stand For?

At the Season 3 conclusion, Joe traveled to Paris in quest of Marienne after murdering Love and fabricating his demise. With the start of Season 4, he has given up on finding his long-lost love and has instead created a new life for himself under a different name.

Joe is shown in part 1 employing the phony name Jonathan Moore while working as a lecturer. Blood and turmoil always seem to follow him, so this time, someone has their sights set on killing Joe.

TikTok Campaign Targets Controversial Alaska Willow Oil Project

He seems to be attempting to start afresh. At the big reveal of Part 1, Rhys admits that he is the rich people’s murderer. But part 2’s revelation truly gets things moving in a new direction.

Joe appears to still be Joe despite all of his inner voice’s protests. He still has his obsession and his tendency to scheme. Rhys is actually Joe’s illusion of his most basic and nasty sides (his id).

Rhys isn’t really responsible for those murders; Joe just imposed those characteristics of himself on Rhys. Joe is forced to think about the consequences of his horrible deeds as he faces up against his greatest opponent to date—himself.

As the season comes to an end, Joe and his companion Kate begin a brand-new life in New York City, and Joe is exonerated of all charges partly because of Kate’s riches and power.

We have in-depth coverage of You on the site, including numerous full-season reviews and recaps for each episode. They can be found HERE.

TikTok Campaign Targets Controversial Alaska Willow Oil Project

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Has Season Five of You Been Confirmed?

Netflix frequently assesses a number of variables before renewing a series, including the number of people who watch it right away and the drop-off rates. Some television shows get quickly renewed or canceled. It can occasionally take Netflix many months to determine whether or not to renew a show.

TikTok Campaign Targets Controversial Alaska Willow Oil Project

A number of different nations around the world have put the show in their top 10 Netflix offerings, indicating that it is currently doing well. The show’s creator, Sera Gamble, also hinted that there was still hope for the project when she told Hollywood Reporter that they were thrilled about a season five idea. Gamble emphasized that they would stop if they thought the story was over, though.

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You the fifth season have not yet received an official announcement from the show’s creators or from Netflix officials. Given everything, we predict that You will be renewed for a fifth season. We would be extremely surprised if the show, which is among the most trending Netflix originals, were to end abruptly.