Step Aboard the Solar-Powered ‘Tesla on the Water’.

Step Aboard the Solar-Powered ‘Tesla on the Water’.

What about a tiny boat? You’ve probably heard of tiny dwellings.

creative design company Crossboundaries collaborated with the owner of a motorboat that measured 15 by 4 meters (about 49 by 13 feet) to turn it into a cozy, solar-powered Tesla on the Water.

Why not make a slow-moving traveling nest out of a fully solar-powered motorboat with luxury features seen in tiny homes? Cross boundaries posted a question on their site.

The F ng S ng is the solution. The boat’s name, Relax in Chinese, was chosen by the owner Marianne Fries in honor of her longstanding wish for refuge on the sea.

Marianne spent more than 20 years living in places without a coast or other big bodies of water; Beijing was her last stop before Berlin. This caused her to develop a longing to spend time on the sea. Cross boundaries claimed that purchasing this houseboat in 2020 marked the end of a lifelong adventure. The five-year-old boat drew Marianne’s attention, and her interest was rapidly piqued by both its physical resemblance to a bus on the water and the potential for interior design.

Step Aboard the Solar-Powered ‘Tesla on the Water’.

According to press materials provided by v2com, that design will be finished in March 2022 and will have an outer deck, an interior deck, a living area, a bathroom, a kitchen, and an Olmstead with a foldable bed. According to a press release, the kitchen table can also be folded, and the living room has a couch that can become a larger bed as well as a pop-up workspace.

According to New Atlas, 667’s internal square footage is rather roomy by tiny house standards. Cross boundaries claimed that though it was created with just one person in mind, it might serve as a general example of sustainable living.

Although the project was intended to be Marianne’s home, Binke Lenhardt, a co-founder and partner of Crossboundaries, remarked on the website, “We also conceptualized the boat as a unit of the city, which housed a comprehensive collection of urban resources.”

The boat’s designers noted that the demand for mobility, self-sufficiency and sustainability has intensified as a result of global issues like climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, the sales of RVs have surged, and houseboats like this one are still another potential solution to this need.

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According to Crossboundaries, the boat had solar panels on both sides and its roof. Cross boundaries claimed the panels were sufficient to fully power the boat between March and November as well as on sunny days throughout the winter, despite New Atlas noting that the panel capacity was not specified.

The boat can be powered by being connected to the electrical grid on gloomy winter days. When the sun is shining, it can travel up to 50 kilometers (about 30 miles) per day at an average pace of 7 kilometers per hour (around 4 miles per hour). According to Business Insider, it is not intended to go on the open ocean but rather on rivers, lakes, and other domestic waterways.

Step Aboard the Solar-Powered ‘Tesla on the Water’.

The boat also features an App-controlled pellet stove for heating in addition to the solar panels, and Friese intends to add a water filtration system and a biological sewage treatment unit later on.

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According to Crossboundaries, the integration of these technologies enhances the architectural concept, while also delivering comfort and meeting energy-saving criteria, and completing the whole design of this little house on the water. In the ideal world, people will be able to let go of excess belongings, accept denser but high-quality homes, and therefore attain more flexible lifestyles.

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