Solar Jobs

An Overview of Solar Jobs for Those Who Have Been Incarcerated.!

People who have served time in prison still have a very difficult time getting steady work. A recent study found that almost 60% of federal prison inmates who are released are unemployed. Additionally, research indicates that individuals who did obtain employment lacked both job security and upward mobility.

Similar to climate change, mass incarceration is an issue in this country. Even while it appears that many people are aware of it, not enough has been done to change the situation. While this was going on, disinformation, stigma, and controversy around the issues spread like wildfires along the West Coast.

But what if addressing the climate could be the key to assisting those who have served time in prison to rejoin the workforce?

Solar Jobs

<h2>How the Solar Industry Can Benefit the Formerly Incarcerated</h2>

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Two of the largest obstacles to effective re-entry for persons who have served time in prison are employment and education.

At the same time, employers in the renewable energy sector frequently point to a shortage of trained, skilled people as their main obstacle to market expansion.

Courtesy: IREC National Solar Jobs Census 2021

There are currently over 255,000 solar workers in the country.

<h2>Solar Programs for Formerly Incarcerated People</h2>
<h3>Grid Alternatives</h3>

We need that number to exceed 900,000 by 2035 in order to achieve President Joe Biden’s goals for sustainable energy and combating climate change.

<h4>How to Apply to Grid Alternatives</h4>

Therefore, an additional 650,000 solar workers are required.

The potential for solar to create secure employment for people wishing to re-enter the economy is enormous. The only prerequisite is looking for training programmes in solar installation, which doesn’t require any prior education.

<h3>Homeboy Industries</h3>

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Solar Jobs

Grid Alternatives is a group committed to increasing access to renewable energy for everybody. Its goal is to develop locally driven solutions that use renewable energy to improve economic and environmental justice.

Through volunteering and solar installation training, the organisation has assisted numerous persons making a comeback in breaking into the solar business. You can read numerous solar work success stories from re-entered volunteers and employees on the website for Grid Alternatives.

In its offices located around California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., and Nicaragua, Grid Alternatives offers practical training for solar installation. If you reside in any of these regions, get in touch with your neighbourhood GRID office to find out what’s available.

<h4>How to Apply to Homeboy Industries</h4>

Additionally, you can register for an orientation to find out more about Grid Alternatives SolarCorps fellowship programmes that might offer training possibilities for solar installation in your area.

According to its website, Homeboy Industries is the biggest gang rehabilitation and ex-offender re-entry programme in the world. What began as a means of enhancing the lives of ex-gang members in Los Angeles has grown into a global network.

80 Homeboy and Homegirl participants are trained in the installation of solar panels every year in Los Angeles, usually at no cost to them because of contributions. The current pass rate is between 65 and 70%, which is significantly higher than the 40% national pass rate.

<h3>Crossroads Solar</h3>

Homeboy also collaborates with businesses to assist programme graduates in finding employment.

The demanding four-month full-time solar installation training programme offered by Homeboy Industries includes tuition, tutoring, and financial help. The East Los Angeles Skills Center is where the Photovoltaic Training Program is held.

<h4>How to Apply to Crossroads Solar</h4>

Learn more about the initiative here or get in touch with the Homeboy team at


Crossroads Solar, an Indiana-based manufacturer of solar panels, lives up to its tagline of “creating second chances and a greener earth one panel at a time.” Released criminals who have earned the right to enter the workforce with dignity are employed by Crossroads.

<h4>How to Find Solar Apprenticeships</h4>

The amazing thing about Crossroads is that every single member of staff has served time in prison and that helping those who have been incarcerated is their main focus. In fact, it’s a necessity of their position.

<h3>Community College Programs</h3>

You can fill out an application here if you or someone you know is returning to society with a crime on their record and is interested in working at Crossroads Solar.

<h2>Types of Jobs in the Solar Industry</h2>

Apprenticeships can be a better way to reenter the employment for some people. Through an apprenticeship, reentering the workforce is typically simpler. They may also present excellent chances for networking.

If you want to gain more practical, hands-on solar training to feel more confidence in your abilities or if you’d want to investigate several careers in the solar business to determine which could be the best fit for you, you might want to think about joining an apprenticeship.

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Solar Job Title Qualification Average Salary Range
Solar Installer Certification or High School/GED $45,000-$55,0001
Electrician (Solar Expertise) Certification or High School/GED $45,000-$55,0002
Field Service Technician Associate s Degree $45,000-$55,0003
Solar Site Assessor Associate s Degree $55,000-$65,0001
Solar Marketing Professional Associate s Degree $45,000-$75,0004
Solar Sales Consultant Associate s Degree $65,000-$85,0002

There are numerous apprenticeship programmes available for solar careers. Search for solar apprentice on or to find them.

The need for workers in the solar sector is so tremendous that an increasing number of community institutions are now providing solar technology training programs. Find a course near you by conducting an online search for “community college course on solar installer”.

Solar Jobs

HomeBoy and Grid Alternatives are more geared toward solar panel installations, while Crossroads concentrates on the production of solar panels. The truth is that the solar sector offers a variety of occupations, some of which are more specialised than others.

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The main professions we anticipate seeing growth are listed below, along with the required education and compensation. Be aware that each state tends to have different requirements and compensation ranges.

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