Shareme-How to Use This App on Xiaomi

Numerous preinstalled programs are available on smartphones. It is common practice for users to build their own suite of applications, keeping some of the helpful factory-installed utilities and installing others. Still, users don’t always have to figure out what each app is for on their own.

ShareMe, formerly known as Mi Drop, is preinstalled as part of Xiaomi’s MIUI skin for its mobile devices. What this program does, how it’s utilized, and how it’s removed if it’s unused will all be discussed.

What Is the Point of Mi Drop?

Owners of Xiaomi mobile devices, on which the app ShareMe (formerly known as Mi Drop) is preinstalled, often inquire what the program is and what it does. ShareMe can be found on the Google Play store for those who use Android phones made by other companies.

This program, developed by Xiaomi, allows for rapid sharing of information over Wi-fi Direct across compatible electronic gadgets. This means that you may share any kind of anything (documents, images, music, movies, contact information, etc.) quickly and easily without relying on a network, a USB cable, or Bluetooth, no matter how large or small the file may be. If there was a pause in the data transfer, you can pick up where you left off. In addition to facilitating data transfers between Xiaomi smartphones, ShareMe supports a wide range of other platforms, including Android, iOS, and even a computer, so long as the app is installed on both the sending and receiving devices. The connection can even be encrypted for further security. The program is simple to operate, features a Russian user interface, and quickly transfers files between gadgets.

With each new release, bugs are eliminated and features are added to the ShareMe (Mi Drop) program. It’s now possible, for instance, to make contact merely by scanning a QR code.

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Instructions for Proper App Use


There is no need for users to download any additional software for their Xiaomi mobile devices since it is all included in the pre-loaded suite. In the case of a device from a different manufacturer, the app can be obtained through the usual channels. The software’s interface is user-friendly and straightforward; all the options are displayed clearly on the main page, rather than being buried in a maze of submenus, thus finding a specific file type is unnecessary.

Share Me Is Simple to Use:

  • When you initially run the app, it will ask for permission to access your device’s storage.
  • At this time, we also give the device a name and an avatar (the utility will automatically give it a name, but it’s preferable to give it one of your own choosing so that it’s simpler to find during pairing).
  • To send an item, click the “Send” button after choosing it from the list, then choose the recipient. When we’re ready to send something, we select it or several items and then click the “Send” button (at the top of the interface you can see that the information is divided into categories, this will simplify the task).
  • You can send contacts by navigating to the “Contacts” area of the app’s main menu, granting ShareMe permission to view the phone book, selecting individual contacts or all contacts, and tapping the “Send” button.
  • The recipient, meanwhile, must verify the files were successfully received by tapping the appropriate button on their own smartphone.
  • Select the recipient’s device when it appears in the search results, verify that the connection IDs on both devices are identical, and then accept the connection on the recipient’s smartphone. The process of transferring files will initiate on its own.
  • Scanning the QR code by the sender device is an alternative method of connecting devices; to do so, press the corresponding button on both devices.

Mi Drop Share Me: How To Hook It up To Your Pc


  • Transferring files between a smartphone and a computer over the same Wi-Fi network using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is also possible (this is an important condition).
  • Following these steps will allow you to successfully use ShareMe to send files to a personal computer:
  • The mobile app is launched.
  • To do this, we click the cog icon (located in the top-right area), then choose “Connect to computer” from the drop-down menu.
  • If you want to send data wirelessly, you’ll need to turn on your Wi-Fi first. When you’re ready, press the “Start” button.
  • A Windows PC can access the phone’s data by entering the IP address that was generated by the ShareMe app into the address bar of the computer’s file manager.
  • We choose one or more files, then either send them from a computer to a mobile device or receive them on a mobile device from a computer.
  • You’ll want an FTP client like FileZilla if you’re using a computer with macOS or Linux. You can connect to an FTP server quickly by typing the server’s address into the “Host” field and clicking the “Quick Connection” button. When a client connects to a server, they gain access to the server’s file management capabilities.
  • A smartphone’s memory can be accessed by anybody who knows the device’s FTP address, therefore it’s important to protect this information by using the second option when setting up an FTP connection and setting a username and password that will be required to access the device. Simply entering this information into the computer will guarantee a successful file transmission.

Accessing Mi Drop from Any Android Device

ShareMe may be pre-installed on Xiaomi phones by default, but this does not give the business a monopoly on its use; an app is a standalone software that has nothing to do with the MIUI shell. The app may be found in your smartphone’s app store and is compatible with all Android smartphones. ShareMe’s functionality is identical on handsets from other manufacturers to that of Xiaomi.

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Remove and Its Parts


The ShareMe app you downloaded from the app store can be deleted if you no longer require it, and the preinstalled software can be removed if you found it to be of no use. This is more challenging for Xiaomi phones because the utility is turned on by default. You require root access to unroot a stock tool, although you can control Android devices with ADB tools by running the appropriate command through the ADB Run application.

If you don’t want your smartphone to get software updates, you can disable the feature altogether. The following operations help us achieve our goal:

  • Mi Drop can be found in the Google Play Market.
  • Please confirm that you want to delete all product updates by clicking the “Delete” button beside the application’s name.
  • An additional menu can be accessed by clicking the three dots in the top right. The “Auto-update” box is deselected here.

ShareMe will still be present on the mobile device once these steps have been taken, but it won’t be active.

There isn’t much storage needed for the program, but it performs a lot of important things, like transferring files significantly more quickly (200 times faster, according to the creators) than Bluetooth does.