Mexico Is the Most Hazardous Country in The World for Environmental Advocates

Mexico Is the Most Hazardous Country in The World for Environmental Advocates

Global Witness reports that while the overall murder rate has decreased slightly from the year 2020, the murder rate in Mexico has soared. The year 2021 found Latin America in the position of. According to information that was published this past Wednesday by the advocacy group Global Witness, Latin America had the highest number of deaths of environmentalists of any region in the world in 2018.

It is estimated that as many as 200 environmentalists died violent deaths in 2021, with the majority of these deaths occurring in Latin America. When the year 2020 rolled around, there would be a grand total of 227. The death toll in Mexico was the highest of any country, coming in at 54. This represents a considerable increase from the 30 deaths that were documented in 2020. Colombia and Brazil respectively had the second and third highest numbers of recorded cases of the disease.

More than half as many people passed away in Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Peru than in any other country combined. This was the case everywhere else. According to the findings of the investigation, more than forty percent of the victims were determined to be indigenous people. In Mexico, preliminary investigations have led authorities to think that municipal officials were involved in approximately forty percent of the country’s homicides.

The most significant contributor is conflict over territory. According to the findings of the report, “these fatal attacks continue to take place in the context of a larger spectrum of threats against defenders who are targeted by the government, corporate, and other non-state actors with violence, intimidation, smear campaigns, and criminalization.”  According to the findings of the study, this number is most likely far higher than previously thought. This is due to the fact that the factors that lead to attacks on land and environmental activists are rarely investigated or recorded.

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According to Global Witness, many different types of conflicts may be linked back to activities such as the extraction of resources, deforestation, mining, and industrial-scale farming.

The mining and extraction sectors were responsible for the most fatalities of any other industry with 27 deaths. In Mexico, there were 14, in the Philippines there were 6, and in Venezuela there were 4 new instances of the disease.

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