The Manufacturers of Large Trucks Advocate Against Pollution Rules.

Behind Closed Doors, The Manufacturers of Large Trucks Advocate Against Pollution Rules.

The Washington Post writes that despite publicly claiming to embrace a clean, electric future, diesel truck makers are actively campaigning behind the scenes to slow down the move away from harmful engines.

Nearly a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. vehicles come from medium- and heavy-duty trucks (like semis), and the so-called “diesel death zones” they create on highways and in warehouse districts kill thousands of people annually, disproportionately in low-income and communities of color.

The Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association advocated for reducing federal regulations against greenhouse gas and other pollutants, and truck manufacturers spearheaded a campaign against a new California rule requiring the sale of zero-emissions trucks (since adopted by five other states).

The Manufacturers of Large Trucks Advocate Against Pollution Rules.

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According to their lobbying, which we can see, they want to commit to the bare minimum, according to David Cooke, a senior vehicle analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists, who spoke to the Washington Post. Press releases often make promises that have no real meaning. They don’t have to show outcomes just because they say they’re establishing goals and spending money.

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