Biden Administration Purchases Oil

The Biden Administration Purchases Oil to Restock the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and Counter Keystone Leak Disruption.!

In addition, the Biden administration will start releasing approximately 2 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

Earlier this year, the government released 180 million barrels of oil from the SPR to help stabilize the oil markets after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now, the administration proposes to use the SPR to help industries impacted by the Kansas Keystone Pipeline accident.

It is still unclear what caused the Keystone Pipeline to burst, causing roughly 600,000 gallons of oil to flood over rural Kansas and into Mill Creek in Washington County.

 Biden Administration Purchases Oil

“A tar sands catastrophe like this one is more severe than an ordinary oil leak. because cleaning up tar sands is significantly more difficult, expensive, and harmful. We are aware that this will take years, according to Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska. Because tar sands oil is so heavy, it sinks in water, which makes cleanup more difficult. Anthony Swift, director of the Canada Project at the NRDC, described the substance as “a really thick substance that’s nearly peanut butter consistency” to NPR.

 Biden Administration Purchases Oil

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