Australia's Environment Report Is in 'Shocking' Decline

Australia’s Environment Report Is in ‘Shocking’ Decline

According to an anticipated assessment, Australia’s environment is in a dreadful situation and will continue to deteriorate due to dangers that are becoming more serious.

Every five years, an ecological examination of Australia’s systems reveals extensive sudden changes.

According to the report, these can be attributed to climate change, habitat loss, invasive species, pollution, and mining.

Threats are not being handled properly, which means they are likely to result in more issues.

The book depicts a “shocking” and “sometimes dismal” picture, according to environment minister Tanya Plibersek, who also promised to enact new laws and regulations.

The government-commissioned, 2,000-page State of the Environment report discovered or reaffirmed the following:

  • Nineteen ecosystems are in danger of extinction.
  • Australia presently has more non-native plant species than native ones.
  • More species have perished in Australia than on any other continent.
  • More than half of the assessed environmental categories are now in a “bad” status, with the exception of one.

Australia's Environment Report Is in 'Shocking' Decline

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“The priceless locations, landscapes, animals, and plants that we think of when we think of home may not be here for our kids and grandkids if we continue on the track that we are on,” Ms. Plibersek said.

More than 200 animal and plant species have seen increased threats since 2016, including the koala and the gang-gang cockatoo. These species are largely exclusive to Australia.

Australia has recently seen a severe drought, historic bushfires, back-to-back years of record-breaking flooding, and six Great Barrier Reef mass bleaching events.

Professor Emma Johnston, another report’s lead author, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that “in past reports, we’ve been mostly talking about the implications of climate in the future tense.”

The sharp contrast in this report is due to the fact that we are now documenting the extensive effects of climate change.

According to the report, Australia relies on complicated procedures that go across many levels of government rather than having an adequate framework to manage its environment.

According to the report, federal government funding for maintaining biodiversity has decreased as risks have risen.

The report was given to the previous administration last year, but it wasn’t made public until after the May election.

In a statement, Ms. Plibersek said that the report “tells a story of crisis and degradation in Australia’s environment, as well as of a decade of government inaction and intentional ignorance.”

A spokesman for the Liberal opposition claimed that when in power, the party had a “good” environmental record.

Australia has promised to reduce carbon emissions from 2005 levels by 43% by 2030. The intended percentage was 26–28% under the previous administration.

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