Arctic Air Brings Dangerously Cold Weather to The U.S

Arctic Air Brings Dangerously Cold Weather to The U.S., Which Could Test the Grid in Texas

The lower 48 states are being hit by a bomb cyclone of Arctic air that will bring dangerously low temperatures, copious amounts of snow and rain, and blizzard conditions.

It was a “once in a generation winter storm,” according to the Buffalo, New York office of the National Weather Service, which is used to dealing with severe winter weather. Eastern Wyoming may have wind chills as low as -70 degrees Fahrenheit due to the lowest weather in decades, while the Eastern Seaboard will likely experience its coldest Christmas since Taylor Swift was born.

Tragically, the intense cold is also likely to highlight the devastating effects of harsh weather on those who are homeless.

Arctic Air Brings Dangerously Cold Weather to The U.S

The cold will certainly test the Texas electrical grid, which fell catastrophically in 2021, primarily as a result of the failure of the methane gas system, in addition to driving methane gas costs even higher for people throughout the central United States. The Texas grid now has more than 7,300 megawatts of additional wind, solar, and energy storage capacity, which might assist maintain grid stability.

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Research indicates that the fast-warming Arctic may be contributing to the increased likelihood of cold air descending to the south.

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Arctic Air Brings Dangerously Cold Weather to The U.S

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Amplified by The Arctic

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