Know how To Store Cannabis Seeds Long Term

Know how To Store Cannabis Seeds Long Term

Imagine that you reside in a country where it is legal for individuals to grow cannabis at home for personal use. How does that work?

Well, that location and time are not some fantasy dream in the hazy future for an increasing number of Americans (no pun intended). It is there here and now.

We won’t get into all the specifics of home gardening right now. But first, let’s examine one of the cornerstones of domestic production. that which is necessary to all growers. Without it, it is impossible to add vegetation to your home’s landscape.

Your Seedings

Cannabis seed storage procedures are not difficult, but they are crucial. The rates of germination and the vigor of your plants will depend on how you maintain your seeds.

So let’s get started.

Storage Methods for Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis seeds aren’t the fussiest seeds around. But they have needs, just like the rest of us. Yours are:

  • Darkness
  • temperature constancy
  • Dryness
  • Depending on how long you intend to store them, you can choose a solution.

How to Maintain Cannabis Seeds for A Little Period of Time

A dark cabinet or drawer with a constant temperature can work just fine if you plan to use the seeds soon (within a few weeks).

Keeping Cannabis Seeds in Storage for A Long Time

Your seeds will keep well in a Ziplock bag inside of a dark container in a quiet refrigerator crisper drawer or for a few months at most.

A Close-Up of A Marijuana Seed

Make sure the refrigerator isn’t opened frequently because maintaining a stable temperature is crucial. Remember that newer refrigerators have rather low humidity levels, therefore it is essential to bag seeds to prevent them from drying out too much.

Keep cannabis seeds frozen for long-term storage. The same requirements apply to maintaining a constant temperature and maintaining darkness.

Although it is not necessary, using food storage sealers for freezer storage is a popular practice and a great way to keep air and moisture out.

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Excess Moisture

Allowing humidity to have its damp way with seeds is the quickest way to damage a batch of seeds. Seeds do not do well in extremely dry environments, but typical indoor humidity levels are usually acceptable.

Some people put a desiccant pack in the bag in areas that are prone to greater humidity, and this works. Older refrigerators may also have humidity issues. Desiccant vacuum sealing can assist manage this.

Superior Dryness

Yes, seeds detest moist air, but they also dislike very dry air. Again, a respectable germination rate may be maintained with an average indoor humidity of around 30%.


Cannabis seeds are somewhat eerie when exposed to light, like many other seeds. They thrive in the dark, and being protected from the light will significantly increase their longevity.

Thermal Changes

Although weed seeds prefer lower temperatures, it is preferable to store them at a warmer but constant temperature to reduce exposure to temperature fluctuations.

Changes in temperature can indicate to seeds that it is time to begin the energy-intensive process of germination. The seed loses any energy it expends while considering sprouting. In order for that small seed to give you its all when it’s time to move on, you want all that energy to be contained within it.


Unbelievably, putting seeds in a drawer or cabinet can result in the presence of insects that eat them.

preserving marijuana seeds Here, prevention is the best course of action:

  • Maintain a spotless storage area.
  • Make sure the surroundings are not inviting to pests
  • Address local bug problems.
  • Maintain proper humidity levels.
  • If you see pests in your seed storage container, cover the area with diatomaceous earth (D.E.).
  • Make sure the D.E. doesn’t come into contact with any edibles, though.

Are You Suitable for Storing Marijuana Seeds?

All of this may seem a bit complicated, and it can be. Many people are tempted to give growing a go, but it requires a lot of care, exact conditions, and money for a potentially disappointing result.

You’re more likely to acquire a better, more consistent, higher-quality product from The Flower Shop than from your garage grow tent, even though giving it a shot would be a fun side trip.

The Flower Shop employs skilled cultivators whose responsibility is to establish the ideal growth conditions at our Arizona growing facilities. They make sure the end result is always, consistently, knock-your-socks-off great.

The best in their field, our cultivators use spectrum-shifting LED illumination to increase the synthesis of terpenes and cannabinoids as well as other nutrients to create nutrient-rich, microbially varied soil.

But that’s not where our involvement ends. We delegate processing, extraction, and infusion to our cultivators. You may be sure you’re getting what you need because of our exceptional cultivation and crafting techniques.

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Let’s Begin to Grow

So there you have it! Keep in mind that temperature, humidity, and light are the three main factors that affect how quickly seeds germinate.

And if you want consistently the best marijuana possible, of the finest quality? Of course, visit The Flower Shop to see our Wellness Specialists!

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