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Buy Medical Cannabis Seeds : Check out Best Seed Banks to Order Cannabis Seeds!

If you’ve ever thought about growing cannabis at home, you’ve probably thought about how to get seeds. You could wait for the odd stray to come through your own bud and then plant it and hope for the best, but there’s a better way. Depending on where you live, you can buy seeds in one of two safe ways.

On the other hand, you can take a digital approach to make a purchase like we are with most things these days and you can buy them online.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

There isn’t a clear answer to this question because it depends on a lot of things, like where you live and where the seeds come from. If it’s legal in your state to grow plants at home, you shouldn’t worry about buying seeds online.

But you should keep in mind that the federal government still considers cannabis to be a Schedule I controlled substance, and it is technically illegal to ship even seeds across state lines.

Before you grow your own cannabis or buy weed seeds online, the most important thing you can do is find out what your state’s rules are about growing.

Homegrown Marijuana Company

buy medical cannabis seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a California-based seed company that guarantees deliveries will be done in secret. Some big names are behind their seeds. With growers like Kyle Kushman, Steve D’Angelo, Nikki & Swami Chaitanya, and partnerships with groups like Veterans Cannabis Coalition and Leafwell, the company is so sure of its seeds that it offers a germination guarantee. Follow their instructions, and if your seeds don’t grow, they’ll send you new ones right away.

Attitude Seedbank

The Attitude Seedbank is proud to be the largest cannabis seed bank in the world, and they ship all over the world. They sell seeds from a large number of different brands. Attitude, like most online seedbanks, offers discreet shipping, and for “super discreet” shipping, you can ask for a signature. They also have a price match policy, but you have to buy the seeds over the phone and provide a link to a website where the same seeds are sold for less.

Dc Seed Exchange

buy medical cannabis seeds

Initiative 71, which made it legal for people in the District of Columbia to own, give away, and grow small amounts of cannabis, led to the creation of the DC Seed Exchange. They only sell seeds from breeders who have had time to get their seeds just right. They also sell “souvenir seeds” and give seeds to veterans, people with disabilities, and caregivers who need them.

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I Love Growing Marijuana

I love to grow. Marijuana is a unique seed bank because it was started by a grower who also offers grow guides, strain reviews, and more to help you through the growing process. Robert Bergman, the company’s founder, started growing cannabis in Amsterdam in the 1990s. He later started a blog to share his knowledge and love of growing cannabis. You can now find deals on seeds on the blog along with all the growing tips and tricks.


Since 2003, Seedsman has sold cannabis seeds over the Internet. Seedsman is more than just a seed bank, though. They also make their own cannabis strains and varieties. Seedsman is a big company with customers all over the world. They have even helped the campaign for “Can cards” (medical cannabis cards) in the UK.

buy medical cannabis seeds

Get Your Medical Card to Grow Marijuana Legally

Where you live will have a big impact on whether you can grow cannabis at home and how many plants you can grow. If you live in the United States, most states with laws that allow adults to use cannabis let you grow a small amount at home (usually 4-12 plants per household, with some states allowing more if the qualifying physician deems it OK, or if the patient applies for a license to grow more). In states where medical marijuana is legal, on the other hand, you would need a medical card to grow it at home.

In some states with both medical and recreational laws on the books, medical patients and caregivers are usually allowed to grow more plants than recreational users, so don’t neglect to get your card just because cannabis is legal for adult use in your state.

In many states, Leafwell can help you get your medical marijuana certification and any grower’s certificates required, so you can start growing your own medicine. We walk you through the application process and connect you to a certified physician in your state. If you think you or a loved one could benefit from medical marijuana don’t wait, contact Leafwell today and get relief sooner rather than later.

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Final Thoughts

ILGM is your best option when it comes to shipping to the US. But all of the websites on this list have been carefully looked over and come with high recommendations.

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