The Best Cannabis Vaporizers for Enjoying It

The Best Cannabis Vaporizers for Enjoying It

Your search has ended: here you can go to get the ideal version of anything. Everything we recommend has undergone extensive investigation and testing. Later on, please thank us.

There will be marijuana fans who claim that a properly hand-rolled artisanal joint is the only real way to get high or that a THC delivery method of choice for future stoners is a resinous dab that fries their brains.

However, a portable, pocket-sized loose-leaf vaporizer is all that’s needed for the normal person who only wants to sneak a few hits—on a weeknight, at a party, or in the middle of a concert once you’ve made sure security isn’t watching.

They’ve been around for a while and serve as evidence that Silicon Valley isn’t entirely bad. The most complex lets you manage pretty much everything, including how much marijuana you consume, how hot your favorite strain burns, and how high you get. But maaan, not all vapes are created equal.

You can choose between easy and affordable, app-controlled and precisely calibrated, sexy and intuitive, but not all of these options at once. In order to uncover the greatest loose-leaf vapes for every kind of smoker under the sun, we tried a wide range of them with the aid of our favorite delivery guy.

For the Cannabis Snob

DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is not the sexiest, most technologically advanced, or most user-friendly vaporizer here, but it comes in a close second in all three categories and excels at one crucial task: making marijuana taste delicious. You will always get a grade-A, Michelin-starred dose of O.G. Kush thanks to the IQ’s pebble-smooth, palm-sized zirconia air passage, which won’t alter the flavor and preserves heat. This feature, along with the ability to set extremely precise temperature settings, makes it possible.

Additionally, the IQ features a turbo mode that enables you to swiftly raise the temperature in order to reach the final patch of green before the bowl is cashed. The only drawback is that because the bowl is so big, casual smokers might not get through it all in one sitting and will have to wait longer to take a drag. But if you truly prefer smoking, then welcome to the world of portable vaporizers.

Buy It Today at Davincivaporizer.Com for $275.

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As a Show-Off

Pax 3

The Best Cannabis Vaporizers for Enjoying It

The Pax 3 is a work of art—a dazzling, extraterrestrial tube with kaleidoscopic lights that conceals its use from onlookers. Not to sound pretentious, but it feels lovely in the hand. The unusual ability to carry a full bowl or a half bowl and the two easily switchable mouthpieces (a discreet flat one and a more comfortable mouth-shaped one) that were included in the box were both enjoyed by our reviewers.

With only four temperature options, you might not have the ideal setting for your preferred Wu Dank strain, but Pax’s Apple-like philosophy of less complexity is consistent with the idea that less choice is better. You have to work hard to get a mouthful of sweet, sweet vape action, and the flavor doesn’t compare to the DaVinci’s. It’s also not as effective as the Firefly below. But what it lacks in the pull, it makes up for in looks, size, and ease of getting high.

Buy It Today at Paxvpor.Com for $275.

In Honor of The Gentleman Smoker

Firefly 2

Not only is it larger than the Pax and DaVinci, but you also have to hold it in your palm like a real pipe, which makes it difficult to sneak a quick puff in a busy area where it might be frowned upon. Not going to smoke in front of people? If so, you’ll likely like the Firefly 2’s major benefit, which is the immediate start and stops of your session.

The Firefly starts cooking your green when you touch the sensors on either side, unlike other weed vaporizers that start cooking your herb as soon as they are switched on. Therefore, neither money nor weed will be squandered. The need to pause and swirl the bowl every few draws can frustrate less Zen stoners, but what’s the rush? You’re smoking marijuana while relaxing at home.

Buy it today at thefirefly.Com for $330.

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Vapium Summit

The DaVinci, Pax, and Firefly are all imposingly substantial metal-centered designs, while the unassuming Summit+ is primarily made of plastic and rubber. Vapium advertises it as an outdoor vaporizer because of this. It purportedly functions in below-freezing conditions and can withstand water splashes. For example, for vaping while climbing Everest! We are unable to verify those claims, but we can confirm that it is effective.

Sure, you have to put up with a very little bowl, a battery life that isn’t particularly amazing, and a vaporizer that resembles the equipment used by doctors to examine your eyes. But for a relatively small change, you can vaporize while on the fly. If you use it in the Arctic, please report back on how it performs.

Buy now at for $120.

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