The United States Tariff Avoidance Strategies of Four Chinese Solar Companies

The United States Tariff Avoidance Strategies of Four Chinese Solar Companies

According to preliminary findings of a federal inquiry, four large Chinese solar cell manufacturers switched some of their operations through Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia in order to avoid paying U.S. taxes, according to The Wall Street Journal.

About 80% of the solar panels imported into the United States come from those nations. The Biden administration tried to lessen the impact of the industry disruption created by the Commerce Department inquiry by imposing a 24-month safe harbor term on solar panel imports from those nations and using the Defense Manufacturing Act to increase domestic production.

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The development of renewable energy in the U.S. is being slowed down by a shortage of solar panels as well as prohibitions on the importing of goods made in China using slave labor.

The final Commerce Department decision, which may differ from the preliminary results and will take into account on-site audits and public feedback, will be made public in May.

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Journal of Commerce

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