Local Opposition to Solar Project Leads to Cancellation in Ohio

Local Opposition to Solar Project Leads to Cancellation in Ohio.!

A 400-kilowatt solar array that was slated to be built in the Ohio village of Williamsport has been abandoned as a result of vehement opposition from the populace and government officials. The abandoned project will result in the loss of renewable energy and $3.6 million in annual tax revenue that would have benefited the neighborhood.

EDF Renewables was responsible for the development of the Chipmunk Solar project. However, the corporation formally withdrew its proposal on Thursday as a result of local activism.

EDF Renewables remarked, as quoted by Inside Climate News, “While we were hopeful that the project would advance, the nature of development activities, which are often outside of our control, have led us to make the tough choice to no longer proceed.”

The expected lifetime of the Chipmunk Solar project was 30 years, during which time it would have brought in roughly $100 million for the local government. In this remote area, a large portion of the revenue was anticipated to fund public schools. Additionally, roughly $3 million in annual lease income will be lost by landowners who offered to lease it for the project.

Local Opposition to Solar Project Leads to Cancellation in Ohio

At first, it appeared that the project would be quickly approved, with the building starting in the coming year and operations starting in 2024 or 2025. About 75,000 houses were anticipated to be powered by Chipmunk Solar. Opponents, however, warned the community that the solar farm would contaminate the soil and water and replace some of the local farms. Local governments ultimately passed resolutions condemning Chipmunk Solar as a result of these initiatives.

Pickaway County Citizens Against Industrial Solar on Farmland Board of Directors’ opinion statement published in the Circleville Herald in September 2022 highlighted a broad mistrust of EDF Renewables and solar enterprises in general.

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To be clear, regardless of their financials, we don’t want another solar project here, the letter said.

This project has now been abandoned, making it among the biggest solar projects in the Midwest to do so. It follows the rejection of two previous solar projects in Ohio due to local opposition to renewable energy sources.

Experts anticipate a rise in renewable energy projects in Ohio despite the withdrawal of the Chipmunk Solar application, particularly as large corporations in the state attempt to reach their openly stated sustainability commitments. But getting local communities to endorse projects will be crucial.

Local Opposition to Solar Project Leads to Cancellation in Ohio

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According to Matthew Sahd, a solar analyst at the research firm Wood Mackenzie, Ohio will unquestionably rank among the top 10 states for renewable energy buildout until 2030. Developers will be able to forge those early community bonds and withstand the test of time will determine whether or not their initiatives succeed.

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