Doe Suggests Tougher Appliance Efficiency Requirements.

Doe Suggests Tougher Appliance Efficiency Requirements.

According to the Department of Energy, new appliance efficiency standards will save consumers $3.5 billion annually while lowering carbon pollution over the following 30 years by roughly the annual equivalent of 29 million households.

Users are expected to save roughly $295 over the lifespan of a washing machine and $130 over the lifespan of a new fridge thanks to the innovation brought on by stricter efficiency standards. Over the past 50 years, the DOE has upgraded the efficiency standards for refrigerators three times, and today’s models use 75% less electricity.

Doe Suggests Tougher Appliance Efficiency Requirements.

About 8% of household power use in the United States is attributed to the appliances covered by the proposal, which also includes top- and front-loading residential laundry washers, refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers, and freezers.

According to The Washington Post:

The new appliance standards are being suggested amid a national uproar over probable federal regulation of gas stoves due to their potential health effects, which could take effect as early as 2027.

Conservatives have attempted to paint the Biden administration as conducting a war on home appliances, but energy efficiency experts say the guidelines put forth on Friday are long overdue and could result in significant savings for consumers.

Doe Suggests Tougher Appliance Efficiency Requirements.

The Energy Department is mandated to examine appliance efficiency standards on a regular basis by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. Although it is not mandatory, the department typically decides to raise the bar.

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