iOS 16.1

Clean Energy Charging Is Available in Apple’s IOS 16.!

If you have an Apple iPhone and haven’t updated your iOS in a while, you might want to do so right away to benefit from a brand-new option for charging your device using sustainable energy.

The clean energy charging option, introduced by Apple in October this year for phones running iOS 16.1 or later (iOS is now supported up to version 16.2), is a setting that, when available, can automatically pull energy from cleaner energy sources as the phone charges. It accomplishes this by monitoring your long-term charging patterns and inspecting the regional grid.

With the purchase of a new iPhone or after updating a new or existing phone to iOS 16.1 or higher, the feature should automatically be switched on. It is accessible under Battery then Battery Health & Charging in an iPhone’s settings.

When plugged in to charge, your phone will monitor carbon emissions projections for your local energy system if this option is activated. However, for this feature to function correctly, several additional settings on the phone must be enabled.

For the iPhone to use lower carbon energy sources for phone charging, users must enable Location Services, System Customization, and Significant Locations, all of which are found in the Privacy & Security settings. These features are in addition to the Clean Energy Charging function.

iOS 16.1

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According to an explanation on Apple’s website, Clean Energy Charging collaborates with Optimized Battery Charging to learn your charging preferences. Only in the locations where you spend the most time and frequently charge your iPhone for extended periods of time, such as your home and place of employment, does Clean Energy Charging operate. If your charging patterns are unpredictable or you’re in a new place, as when you travel, the feature won’t activate.

According to CleanTechnica, the function is a part of Apple’s collaboration with the University of California-CoolClimate Berkeley’s Network and contributes to the company’s future, more extensive decarbonization initiatives.

Apple claims to obtain renewable energy for all of its retail outlets, corporate offices, and data centers and promises to make its own supply chain carbon-neutral by the year 2030. The Clean Energy Charging iPhone function aims to further cut consumer-side emissions associated with iPhones.

iOS 16.1

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According to a statement from Apple, the new function optimizes for when the grid is using greener energy sources like solar or wind by looking at the sources of electricity used during anticipated charge times. Only iPhones running at least iOS 16.1 are presently eligible for Clean Energy Charging in the United States.

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