A Facility to Recycle Nuclear Fuel on A Commercial Scale Is Being Built.

A Facility to Recycle Nuclear Fuel on A Commercial Scale Is Being Built.

Beginning with Mukoda choosing his herb-gathering expedition over providing dinner for him, Fel becomes irritated with him in episode three of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill.

As part of his objective, Fel covers Mukoda with a shield since he plans to go hunting for some meat. Mukoda starts pulling weeds as Fel leaves. Ahead of schedule, Mukoda completes his mission and makes dinner for him and Fel.

Fel comes back carrying a dead Rockbird. Mukoda prepares spaghetti for them to eat, despite Fel’s request for him to be made the teriyaki platter like last time. While Mukoda is happy to be able to consume food from the human world, Fel loves dinner.

After eating, Fel directs Mukoda to his mound of meat from dead monsters, where Mukoda uses his RPG abilities to safely store the flesh. To turn in the herbs for the quest, Mukoda and Fel go back to the adventurer’s guild. He brought more than he anticipated, which surprises the cashier at the adventurer guild.

When Mukoda inquires about selling some dead monsters, the woman directs him to the guild butcher. The butcher is perplexed by all the monsters’ corpses as he and Mukoda travel to a hidden spot.

Fel instructs the butcher to peel the orc’s flesh. Mukoda muses over what to do with the orc flesh at night. Mukoda uses the leftover meat sauce from the spaghetti dish to make two different kinds of pork piccata with the orc flesh. Fel adores the cuisine. Mukoda hesitates to eat the orc, but he eventually likes it after all. They go back to the butcher, who has finished skinning every animal Mukoda brought in.

He gives Mukoda his change in exchange for the monster parts and explains that he had to take some cash to cover the disassembly cost. 202 gold coins were received by Mukoda for the monsters he sold.

The butcher gives Mukoda a lesson on the advantages that monster parts can bestow on him. He hands some demonic stones to Mukoda and claims they have magical properties. Mukoda intends to address Fel as a Great Wolf in order to prevent others from staring at them.

They depart the border to carry on their exploration. They made camp about halfway through their excursion. Fel assisted Mukoda in obtaining a sizable sum of money, therefore he intends to prepare a grander feast for them.

Fel is pleased with the flavor of the meals Mukoda prepares using ingredients from his realm. They talk about their various regional customs while they complete their meal. Fel believes that his meal today has really bolstered him. He might be able to defeat an Old Dragon right now.

While he is away, Fel prepares to pursue more monsters and constructs a strong barrier of defense around Mukoda. He guarantees that this one will be able to protect him from a dragon’s breath. Mukoda constructs a futon for himself to sleep on at night. In the meantime, Fel goes on a murderous rampage and is amazed by his improved abilities.

Mukoda is shocked to learn that Fel killed a powerful monster the next morning. He is told by Fel that some of these creatures would have taken a lot of time to defeat, but his meal allowed him to do so quickly. Mukoda makes a promise not to give Fel anything ever again as the program comes to a close.

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We finally get to watch Fel in action in this week’s episode of Campfire Cooking from Another World with Absurd Skill (Campfire Cooking). After hearing about how powerful Fenrir is in this fantastical world, many viewers would have been curious about how his talents actually worked.

Even though I would have preferred longer battles between Fel and the orcs, deer, and chimera, it was still awesome to see him use his abilities.

In light of this, it would seem that Fel has excellent defensive spells given his ability to erect barriers to shield individuals like Mukoda. More amazing action scenes in this anime will be a welcome change of pace from the slice-of-life episodes we’ve seen so far. It’s great how the bond between Fel and Mukoda is gradually developed in the anime.

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It was enjoyable to watch them discuss how their worlds were different. By doing this, Fel’s world differs from those of other Isekai-themed series. Overall, the Campfire Cooking chapter was enjoyable.

It enhances Mukoda’s friendship with Fel and provides viewers with more information about the world in which he finds himself. Considering the trailer for the upcoming episode, it appears Mukoda will be given his own set of abilities. This anime seems to have a lot of potentials, so I’m interested to see what else it offers.

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