Best Apps to Make Sustainable Living Easier.

Best Apps to Make Sustainable Living Easier.

These apps assist you in leading a more sustainable lifestyle by helping you locate nearby water bottle refill stations, calculate your carbon footprint, and connect with leftover food that is destined for the dump.


Have you ever wasted the majority of an expedition seeking a water fountain to fill your reusable bottle? Or did you spend money on a plastic bottle when all you really needed was a quick sip of water from a fountain? CueTap: the software that eliminates the need for single-use water bottles by making it simpler to locate free water sources! In 7,100 cities across 30 countries, Tap points customers to eateries, cafes, refill locations, and water fountains. It is simple to locate a tap no matter where you are thanks to user reviews that describe the location’s particulars.

Best Apps to Make Sustainable Living Easier.

Happy Cow

Happy Cow, a go-to restaurant guide for plant-based diners, is the best place to locate vegetarians. HTML rel=’noopener no follow>vegan and vegetarian dining options. Happy Cow connects consumers with 180,000 restaurants, cafés, and grocery stores that specialize in healthy, vegetarian, and/or vegan dining, whether they are traveling or looking for options in their own location.

On the app, customers may provide feedback and inform others about the availability of vegan and vegetarian selections, the availability of substitutes, and any recent modifications to the menu. Moreover, results can be limited to just displaying 100% vegan places or by type of business (bakery, restaurant, grocery shop, etc.). Also, Happy Cow assigns a plant-friendliness rating to each result.

Think Dirty

Think Dirty can help you decipher the confusing list of harmful substances found on the back of more than 350,000 cleaning and personal care products. The app will create a filthy meter depending on the product’s constituents after you scan the barcode. Read descriptions of each component and the reasons why it is deemed unclean, then decide for yourself whether or not to buy the product based on Think Dirty’s 0–10 safety rating. What’s nice is that it’s free!


In need of a bedframe? Produce? hair curlers? A sled? By matching people with discarded food, Olio fights the 33 to 50% of all food produced worldwide that goes uneaten each year (and pretty much anything else, too). Use the app to search for nearby things that are categorized as either food or non-food, or look through the wanted postings to see if you can give anything you don’t want to someone who does. It’s a great tool to have in the weeks before a major relocation; just submit pictures of the items you want to get rid of and let the app handle the rest!

Best Apps to Make Sustainable Living Easier.

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Giki Zero

This carbon-calculating app asks you a few straightforward questions about your location (country, state, whether you drive a car, kind of residence, diet, etc.), after which it calculates how many kilograms of carbon you consume annually. For a more accurate assessment and to understand the percentage that each sector contributes to your overall carbon footprint, enter more detailed information for each sector, such as water and electricity use under House, and pet food and food waste under Food.

Giki will make recommendations for reducing your environmental impact in each industry (insulating your home, recycling a higher percentage of waste, choosing products that don t include palm oil, etc.). Learn how each action affects your carbon footprint, and monitor your development over time to meet your carbon reduction targets.

You can also see your own climate clock, which estimates how long it would take for the globe to warm to 1.5 C, the temperature at which catastrophic climate impacts are usually regarded to be avoided, assuming everyone used the same amount of carbon as you. With the to-do list feature of the app, you can hold yourself responsible for reducing your carbon footprint and doing new actions.

Too Good to Go

Using Too Good to Go, you can stop food from going to waste in restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, and juice bars. Browse partner establishments in your community to reserve a Surprise Bag whether you want to save money on groceries, prevent food waste, or just locate a fast supper. The bags often only cost a few dollars, giving companies a reason to take part.

They can be filled with anything, including fresh vegetables, expired groceries, buffet leftovers from a deli, abandoned components, or pre-made meals from restaurants. Shops provide a brief description of what typically appears in their Surprise Bags, noting whether or not vegetarian products should be expected. Also, they’ll give you a time for pick-up.

Good on You

Searching for ethical clothing ideas? Are you curious about the sustainability of Khloe Kardashian‘s new clothesline? well done You rate the sustainability of various clothing brands so that consumers can compare them before making purchases. They rate people, the planet, and animals, covering a wide range of topics.

Best Apps to Make Sustainable Living Easier.

So, from the extraction of raw materials to the influence on the environment and animal welfare, the ratings Excellent, Good, It’s A Start, Not Good Enough, and We Avoid take these factors into account. Browse their list to identify sustainable brands based on price and type of clothing if you aren’t sure where you want to shop.

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Use Bikemap to navigate 11 million bike trails across 100 nations. By choosing a bike once a day instead of a car, the average person cuts their personal transportation-related carbon emissions by 67%. Find trails to ride your bike around a new city while touring, or browse bike routes to the grocery store, school, or your place of employment.

The program provides in-app navigation with audio and visual signals, displays elevation gain and loss along routes, and automatically reroutes you when you take the wrong turn. See your cycling statistics over time, and connect with your Apple Watch for simple navigation.

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